About Biriyani

FAQ on Biriyani:

1. Why is your blog called Biriyani?

Biriyani is one of the many things that is related to an Indian Muslim. I have come across n number of requests from my friends to treat them with a Biriyani and I am called a ‘Biriyani’ for this reason. It is just one of the many identities that I have.

2. You are a Muslim and how come you don’t speak Hindi/Urdu?

Muslims in general have nothing to do with the two languages except that it is being spoken by a huge number of people belonging to India. Islam came to India through the traders from Arab countries even before the Mughals. So as far as Hindi is concerned, I am ‘ek gaav mein ek kissaan raghu thaatha’ wonli.

Islam is not restricted to any particular country/region/language. Among the blessings of the Almighty is that we have Muslims belonging to almost every nation, every race, every language and I speak Tamil, being one of them.

3. Why do you wear Burkha/Bardha/Purdha/bedsheet/cloak, that too in a city where there are only two types of weather-Summer, Super Summer?

I wear it because my Lord has ordered me and all the women to do it, to save myself from the lustful looks and stares of some men. I prove that it is only what is in my heads that matters and not what is outside!

4.  When will  you post the recipe of Biriyani here?

Insha Allah, I will make a Mutton Biriyani all by myself one day, treat my friends and relatives with it and post the recipe later.

5. What is mokkai?

Mokkai can be anything. I will leave it to you to find the most creative use of it.

6. Pudupet?

It is the pride of Chennai – The Detroit of South East Asia. For more, click on this.

7. What is the most prominent thing that one can find in your brain?

A mosquito coil. You will find a lot of posts starting with ‘during my —- days’ (the —- can be filled with childhood/school/college/Trichy).

If you have anymore questions,  just let me know. Thanks! 🙂

2 Responses to “About Biriyani”

  1. Amatullah Says:

    asalamu alaykum sis!

    I just realized your blog title is your name spelled backwards 😉 lol.

  2. Victorious Says:

    Wa alaikum salam wa rahmathullahi wa barakathuhu Sis.. Lol.. you realised! 😀

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