Idhula eppadinnae eriyeeem, pongannaee!!!

There were a few moments in my life when I’ve felt very bad for not knowing Hindi. One was when little Pari, the daughter of one of our classmates said something to me which I didn’t understand and the other happens whenever I see Lalu Prasad talking something on TV.

Now, for all those who don’t know Tamil, I wish you all did only to understand this hilarious comedy. When my aunt played this in her mobile, our whole house was almost trembling in laughter.

Golden words to pick up:

  1. Komutti Thalaya
  2. ‘Cuppu’
  3. ‘Mantilll’
  4. ‘All in all alaguraja’
  5. ‘Kooda vechurukkavangalukkellam light kudukradhilla’
  6. ‘tttoooinnnggg toootttoooinnng’ 

For all those who know, ENJOY!!


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