Hate someone?

How many of us manage to go to bed without the least amount of contempt and outrage against anyone? Almost all of us have a list of people whom we hate along with the ones we love. If not a list, we will all still carry a memory of an incident which we never want to forgive and forget, and will always keep the contempt alive. I was no exception.

Forgiveness is a quality that many of us lack. Close your eyes and think for a while, is there any day in your life on which you have not erred? To err does not mean to hurt someone, even wasting water while brushing your teeth when our brothers and sisters have to walk miles to get a pot of water is a sin. How many of us have forgotten to return a friendly smile from a house maid or a known street hawker in a hurry? Is there anyone who has not backbited anything about their friends/relatives in lives? But when the same thing is done to us, we feel cry that we were backstabbed and we curse them and determine that we will never forgive them.

When we realise our sins, we ask forgiveness from the Almighty Allah. We want Him to forgive us even if we had done the worst of sins like forgetting the prayers, backbiting, disobedience to parents, etc. Let us see what Allah subhana wa ta’a says in the Quran about forgiveness:

“Be quick in the forgiveness from your Lord, and pardon (all) men – for Allah loves those who do good.”
[Surah ali Imran; 3:133-134]

To forgive does not mean one is weak. One has to be courageous enough to overcome his emotions in order to forgive a person.

“But indeed if any shows patience and forgives that would truly be an exercise of courageous will and resolution in the conduct of affairs.”
[surah 42:43]

 We have lots to learn from the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) on forgiveness.

There was an old lady who used to throw rubbish in his way every day, on one occasion she did not throw rubbish in the street, so he decided to go and see what was the matter. She was ill in bed, to her amazement, the Messenger of Allah (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) came to see her and find out about her.

She accepted Islam.

This is the example of the man whom we claim to follow. Thumamah, as the chief of his tribe had killed many Muslims. On his travels, he was caught by the Muslim soldiers and was taken to the Prophet’s masjid and tied to one of the pillars. The Messenger of Allah (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) commanded his companions to untie him and give him the best food. The Messenger of God (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) was indeed a mercy for the worlds.

Trust me, life becomes amazingly easy when you leave off all the hatred and contempt that you have towards people. When you realise that what you do should only be to please the Almighty Allah Subhana wa ta’la, you will stop expecting people to be grateful to you. Your expectations fail you when you try to please the humans, instead serve the human kind to please Allah, you will reach the level of peace and happiness that never can  be explained.

My attitude towards life has changed immensely, Alhamdhulillah after reading such articles on what Allah says about forgiveness in the Quran and how our beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) has showed to be patient even in adverse situtations. The life our Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) contains a perfect lesson for the entire mankind, not restricted to Muslims alone.

PS: I was highly inspired to writed this after seeing a thread on this topic in an orkut community.


6 Responses to “Hate someone?”

  1. Saurabh Says:

    Nice post! I am a person who learns from his mistakes. I follow, “To make a mistake is not a mistake, but to repeat a mistake is a mistake,” rule. So I make mistakes and learn from them trying not to repeat them.

  2. Victorious Says:

    Thanks bro!

    Thats a good policy! 🙂

  3. Ela Says:

    It’s a hard topic Faiza…one just can’t beam all the holiness in their face and say “OK from now on i won’t hate anyone”…

    In all the examples u draw, the person who did that had an complete understanding of himself, what he was worth, knew about his self…..so it was easy to appreciate the worthiness of people to be hated….

  4. Victorious Says:

    We all walk away easily saying that its a hard topic. It may be tough to believe, but I cant think of anyone whom I know that I hate. I really hate to use that word against anyone.

    I do come across a few who bother me and make my blood boil. It may be for a reason that I dont wish to disclose here or for a silly thing like ‘how do you even eat that fish which smells so bad’ by a dumbo. But at the end of the day it is me who is going to feel terrible for no reason. I can instead follow the way which the Almighty Allah has asked me to: to Forgive.

    Many of us, including Muslims ignore how much the Almighty Allah has asked us to practice patience and forgiveness. It is a quality a little hard to develop, but once we do, life becomes really easy.

    \\the person who did that had an complete understanding of himself, what he was worth, knew about his self…..so it was easy to appreciate the worthiness of people to be hated\\

    What stops us from understanding our selves? We waste half of our lives hissing and sighing about what others have done to us. It is better we forgive and forget them. Our reward is due from our Lord.


  5. Ela Says:

    Well….i will not hesitate to hate people who does not show respect to fellow human beings and the ‘self’ associated with them….i will not, for any instance, hesistate to hate all those beasts out there in human form who commit heinous crimes in the name of religion of which they do not have any understanding. I am for hating people who waste precious life for some stupid ideologies which will gratify only their wounded egos….by all these hate i only will pay respect and love to the people who deserve as such love…..people who have stood up for their own and other’s rights and who have fought hard battles for preserving their self – right!
    See…..hate is not such a bad word….only when used by people who do not have any understanding for themselves and the principles of life it gets abused….may be if we all had the courage to show the hatred to the unwanted things of the society we could have avoided much more losses of lifes!

    Becoz at some times, forgiving people who do not deserve the forgiveness will only harm the innocent people who do not really deserve to be harmed!

  6. Victorious Says:

    Hmmm.. Thats right, but the context which I’ve written this topic is different, which is centered around ourselves and our close circles. Within minutes a lovely relationship gets strangled because of the lack of forgiveness and keeping the contempt alive.

    Way back in college, a friend of mine made me feel ashamed when she came asked me sorry first for a little quarrel that we had during an intra college competition. No ego stopped her to say that she had missed all the fun we had. With a little forgiveness from her side, life did become really beautiful. Likewise, in so many instances I volunteer to say sorry first in order to patch up things. We dont lose anything by doing so.

    I of course hate the same kind of people that you have mentioned. I think almost all of us do.

    What I was talking about is forgiving a friend and not a criminal/terrorist/beast who has no respect for humanity.

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