Samaikka theriyuma?


Alhamdhulillah (All Praise and Thanks to the Almighty Allah subhana wa ta’ala), I had been able to successfully prepare lunch on my own!! 😀 😀

I was alone at home and had the whole kitchen for myself! My vaappa brought home a kg of chicken and I planned to make something out of it. Since I have never seen my mom making any chicken recipes, I thought of looking for some in the net. But all were too high fundoo for me and I called up my aunt for a simple chicken recipe. She immediately told me what to do and I tried it, Alhamdhulillah, I was able to make it and it did taste good!!

I will quote my friend Mrs.Abitha, the proud mother of Siddharth: “machan, kandippa samaikka kathukko da, yenna yaar saapdrangalo illiyo, namma samayala naama thaan saapdanum”  (macha, please learn to cook since you HAVE to eat what you cook). She did make a lot of sense! 😉

PS: Recipe- take 2-3 tomatoes, 1 onion, 2 green chillies, an inch of ginger, two garlic cloves and grind them in a blender. Heat oil in a pan and fry some onions, add this grounded mixture, add masalas of your choice-garam, chilli powder, turmeric  and two tablespoons of coriander powder, some salt and cook till it comes to a nice boil. Add the chicken pieces and allow it to cook in a medium flame.


3 Responses to “Cooking?”

  1. Saurabh Says:

    Congrats on cooking your lunch man! Is it the first time you’ve cooked something?

  2. Ela Says:

    and did u eat it with rice or chappatis?

    And with this gravy as the base, u can make wonders with lots of other things also….u can also substitute chicken with eggs or brinjal or red kidney beans or green peas with potatoes or chick peas…that’s the secret of cooking /)

  3. Victorious Says:

    Thank you Saurabh! This is not the first time I cooked something, but this is the first time I cooked something on my own, without the slightest help from my mom..

    I ate it with rice.. 😀

    Eggs and potatoes sound cool.. matha item ellam namma list le illa.. he he.. thanks for tips akka… 🙂

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