Trichy days

Trichy, as some of you may know is a city of temples. While there are two most famous ones- Malaikottai and Sri Rangam, little do many know about the Erumbeeswarar temple in the Trichy-Tanjore highway. It is a small temple located on a rock, whose architecture is very similar to that of the one in Tanjore. It was also constructed before several hundred years .

 Erumbeeswarar temple and Azeez Biriyani were our regular outing destinations apart from Sea Kings in BHEL Township. While my friends are inside (inside meaning, really inside, I dont know what it is called) the temple to perform their rituals, I used stand near the compound wall, enjoying every minute of the cool breeze sent down as a blessing from the Almighty. The views of the nearby country side in the evening and the lights of the city when it gets dark are one of the several beautiful memories that I carry with me from my Trichy days.

I used to like the smell of camphor and jasmine flowers planted on the lawns of the temple. I just realised that I don’t have any picture taken there and searched for it in the net. And I found a beautiful collection of pictures in flickr, enjoy!!


8 Responses to “Trichy days”

  1. Noor Says:

    Whatever happened to that other post on bullet for bullet and things? Kept showing up on my RSS feed but I could never find it…

  2. Victorious Says:

    Its a depressing interview given by the nephew of Nathuram Godse (Gandhiji’s killer)on

  3. Saurabh Says:

    Hope you had a great time in the temples!

  4. Ela Says:

    I did not hear about that temple…interesting….and the pixs look good….i love all those old temples, the smell inside and the quietness really transport one to some other world……love also ucchi pillayar temple but always felt kind of restlessness and feeling of not belonging there at srirangam temple….but one place which really gives me a longingness these days is the kudumiyanmalai shiva temple….on the way to the temple there was this stretch of road with ‘mambala konai’ tress on both sides…it was live travelling to heaven when the trees were in full bloom! on top of that very close to that malai was the picture persect scene…oru othai adi paathi with a kulam full of thamarai flowers…it was a beautiful place with a small village surronding there with fields and everything….and the people were also very nice…i remember the first time i saw how vellam was made and had a chance to taste it piping fresh! Hmmmmmm…those good old days!

  5. Victorious Says:

    Saurabh, yeah, I had a lovely time with my friends..

    Sis, what is that mambala konai tree? You saw how vellam is made? you make me long to settle in a village. Trees on both sides, fields, kulam, and the innocent people-I love our villages. Thank God, Alhamdhulillah, I at least got to experience that kind of a lilfe for two years.

    Have you been to Kallanai? The way to the dam will be quite similar to what you have described. I will write about that sometime, insha Allah!

  6. Ela Says:

    Indian Laburnum

    this is the picture….my parents convince me that they took me to kallanai when i was a baby…but after that whenever we planned a trip there it did not work out! i would love to visit that place though!

  7. Victorious Says:

    oh this one!! I know.. I have seen this.. Beautiful, isnt it?

    You went to kallanai when you were a baby? Photos kelunga.. ha ha.. Kallanai is an architectural wonder. Did you know it was constructed some 1000 years back by one of the chola kings? I have never seen a dam so artistically constructed..You should go there once, insha Allah!

  8. Ela Says:

    Yes…i have heard about kallanai a lot from my grandfather and father…not only for it’s architecture but for the futuristic vision the king karikalar cholan showed, it should be appreciated…..all those old time kings were so good that they made sure to have made lots of lakes and canals so that water starved Tamil nadu is always self supportive…..looking at them and looking at nowaday’s political leaders we have i wonder where and what went wrong with the tamizh people!

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