Children’s day and some nostalgia…

What are the most common things that one would associate with Children’s day? A rose, Nehru mama, some sweets and apparently fancy dress competitions.

I remember the first such a day in  my life. I was dressed up well and asked to recite the five Kalimas on the stage. I recited Avval Kalima well and forgot the next one. I started weeping and came down from the stage.  I think that was also the last time I participated in a fancy dress competition. From then on, I only used to be a spectator for all that goes on the children’s day.

When I was in my eleventh standard, we heard the news that we will be having Tamil dramatics for the competitions. My enthu brains started working and we soon formed a team to come up with a play. I, along with my team members wrote a play called ‘Paappanayakkanpatti to Bombay’  which was a huge success. The story starts in a village and the girl’s sister will gift her a nice, fluorescent color salwar for her birthday. I heard the thunderous sound of applause the moment the salwar was picked out of the bag. That was the time when the movie Alaipayuthe was released and we had that ‘Sakthi nee romba alaga irukae’ scene in the play.

That was the success which made me write several street plays in college, which even took us to the heights of winning the first place in Saarang ’05.

Hmmm.. I wish I could get to feel the same adrenaline rush that I used to experience minutes before entering the stage.


4 Responses to “Children’s day and some nostalgia…”

  1. Ela Says:

    yeah…yeah….i remember receiting some paragraph from the book written by Nehru……although i do not remember what costume i was wearing!… u write plays, hahhh?!

  2. Victorious Says:

    he he.. yeah sis, I used to! ipo no chance of writing a play and staging it.. enna panna..

  3. Noor Says:

    You won 1st place in Saraang? WOW! congratulations!

    I’ve never come close to winning anything that involves me going up on stage. My most (un)memorable stage event was during my college days when I was on a fashion show and forgot the ramp walk sequence.

    Seems funny when I think abt it now but boy was I embarrassed….and that was the last time I got on stage.

  4. Victorious Says:

    Yes, thanks.. 🙂 🙂 That was one of the loveliest moments of my life.. Those were the days when I was so passionate about street plays.

    Fashion show sounds cool.. 😀 Even I have faced such instances where I forget the dialogues on stage.. Its all in the game. .. LOL

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