When mysteries unfold..

I am talking about the recent Malegoan blast probes and the involvement of BJP/RSS/Bajrang Dal or any ‘Saffron’ outfits in it. While it is common to immediately point fingers at or create new Arabic/Urdu sounding organizations when a blast occurs  even in a mosque, this time it has been a little different. One after the other, the ones who are possibly responsible for it are coming into the limelight and the most sickening thing is the involvement of the Indian Army in it. What a shame! The Sadhvi denies that she sold her bike long time back. Don’t we all remember that Godse had tattooed himself as ‘Ismail’ when he killed Gandhi?

I am sure these findings are not going to make any big difference in our lives. The BJP may win in the next elections, like how Modi won even after the atrocities committed by his order was known to the public. But somewhere in the corner of my heart I am a little glad that people might stop thinking in the same lines that any terrorist could only be a Muslim as it is normally portrayed.

By the way, I am also equally upset to see some magazines carrying sensational articles titled ‘Hindu Terrorists/theeviravadhi/bayangaravadhi’. I stand by my words again. These beasts are to be called only by their names or by their outfits and never by their religion.

May Allah, the Almighty, the Exalted save us all from these cannibals!


5 Responses to “When mysteries unfold..”

  1. Noor Says:

    The biggest problem is the Mass Media. News channels need something to feed and the latest sensation seems to be with branding terrorists. That’s what’s happening with the “Army Involvement” issues….two weeks frm now things will lose glamour and will be forgotten.

    Now having said that, I think it is the worst form of cowardice for an extremist outfit to plant bombs and then blame it on other parties/religions. Not that this is the first time its happening though. Shame on the real terrorists!

  2. Redwan Ahmed Says:

    please leave a comment on my website. thank you

  3. Victorious Says:


    Yes, now the media has something else to feed upon. It will soon turn to something else after a couple of weeks.

    Shame on the terrorists, and shame on the ‘educated’ ones who have pledged their brains to the media.

    Redwan Ahmed,

    Salams bro! Insha Allah, will soon leave my comments there and your site to my list. Jazakallahu Khair!!

  4. N.V.Prashanth Says:

    First place, I did not equip myself with info on this. But I am sure, I am unhappy that there are more people in to terrorist activities!

    I sternly believe that the laws related to media needs some tweaking. They must have voice and should be heard. If in a country where the media office can be attacked any time for bringing out any foul play, I’m sorry, the media would continue to be like this. They are also humans and they cannot put their life between us and the news.

  5. Victorious Says:

    Good you’re not in track of the recent happenings. It is sickening, seriously. But all those said ‘not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims’ can have their mouth shut.

    The media does have a voice. There are many genuine newschannels and magazines which do try to bring out the truth but it all gets buried under the soil when they are threatened.

    Yes, I agree with you that the laws really need some tweaking with respect to the media. While there are some genuine ones, there are many, many which just speculate and confuse people.

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