Some questions

I don’t watch the English news channels as I how used to do before. I wanted to stay away from the depressing speculations by the media on anything that is ‘hot’, be it the pregnancy of Aiswarya Rai or sensationalising the killing of the little Arushi or predicting the doomsday by the stock market crash.

However, one cannot escape having a glimpse of what is happening around, especially while using the internet. I am no exception. I wanted to stay away from writing about the recent bomb blasts and massacre of Christians by the terrorists. Yes, terrorists. Why are not these blood-thirst beasts and monsters not called terrorists by the media? Why is it the news of Bajrangal activists who died making bombs is not known to anyone at all?

Why is the government reluctant to ban these terrorists who even have a hitlist? Ok, this site does not exist anymore, or may be this was only a prank but if the same thing (I just hate to say that) is done by others, just think of the consequence.

Talk about the bomb blasts in Delhi, within days after the incident, the Police would say it has solved the terror plots and kill some alleged terrorists in an encounter. It picks up students randomly from a University and tags them as terrorists. So if they are smart enough to solve the case so quickly, why didn’t they prevent the most recent ones? What about the blasts in Malegon? Any random email with an Arabic/Urdu sounding name is suffice for them to narrow down the masterminds. Bull and shit. I just cant read the story of the twelve year old boy who picked up the bomb dropped by two faceless beasts in a crowded area in Delhi in order to give it back to them.

And the immediate solution that political parties will come up with will be- stronger anti-terror laws like POTA. Is there anyone who remembers for what reasons other than political vengeance it was used in India, especially in Tamil Nadu? I don’t think people of TN will forget Vaiko’s arrest during Jayalalitha’s rule.

I see the whole thing as biased. Totally. While I don’t discount the fact that there are some or even many Muslim-named outfits (to me they are just Muslims by records) like the ones responsible for the Coimbatore blasts (there again, several hundred innocent Muslim youth were arrested and detained without any charge against them apart from the criminals), I hate the term terrorism used only against these people. Today, if any of you read the term ‘terrorist’, immediately a guy with a turban and a long beard with a gun on his side would pop up in your head. Or it is just synonymous with a Muslim. But outfits like Bajrangal are not terrorist organizations. They are just rioters. They are harmless. They are only capable of raping a nun and burning innocent people. They can lead a respectable life after a few years. Like in Bombay.  

“Those who took part in the ’92 riots may be respectable citizens today. Terrorists are committed to undermine the state’s sovereignty.” 
-Swapan Dasgupta,
BJP ideologue

I don’t see this cheap, baseless bias ending anytime soon and I don’t expect the illiterate mass of our country to think beyond what is portrayed by the media. And the educated class is no exception.

*Peace be upon you all, on all you ignorant ones*

PS: A delightful news among the depressing ones-this the spirit of India and I haven’t lost my faith in our unity!


5 Responses to “Some questions”

  1. Noor Says:

    I’ve noticed the recent increase in hate-speech too.
    Disgusting and sick hate-speech.
    Guess its gonna take a lot of effort from every one of us to set things right. I wrote abt this a long time ago too.

  2. Ela Says:

    Hmmm….it is a little bit different scenario when it comes to the happenings in North India…or call me biased! I always had a knot in my stomach when i had to travel in the northern part of the country and release a deep sigh when i get back to the relatively safe TN….i find the people in North not so civilised and if i am allowed to use the word, still barberic….their ideas about women and respect towards the same has been shown in many instances of utter abuse of women…they always end up physically abuse women whenever they have a slight reason and in need to show their power….And many acts of human rights violation have been committed in the North India in the names of caste, culture etc which is far beyond the issues of identity of religion…..And never have the law and order forces there stood up to the situation and safeguarded the rights of the victims…so it is not that something that happens now with the burning of churches….

    I hate the fact that some brutes try to show their power by victimising the innocents ones- the women and children and that the very people who have to stand by their side abandom them… I guess we are heading towards very turbulent times!

  3. N.V.Prashanth Says:

    I tell you.. this is a very sensitive topic. But I am sure I can voice my views with out being misinterpreted. Bajrangdal, for all humanly reasons, must be banned. I think they are on the verge of getting the label “Terrorist”.

    I feel more than questioning who should be labelled terrorists, we have more serious issue in our hands. This is not helping any one. While I sincerely believe none amongst common people, irrespective of the religion, believe/want this kind of modus operandi, one cannot ignore FACTS. You know what I mean? It may be bcos of one outfit, one set of people or worse one country! But they rightfully claim number of incidents as their handwork.

    But I understand your frustration when the term “Terrorist” is being closely associated only to one section and that having known many people from that section who have been so good. My dad tells me that in olden days, might still be applicable, “Bhai” are the people who resolve conflicts in an area. Like two people fighting would always go to a “bhai” to resolve it! Sad are the developments and most saddening is that there is no end to this any sooner!

    At the root level there is supposedly no animosity between people.. I donno why the country is in shatters!

  4. The Victorious Says:

    You are correct. It indeed requires a lot of effort from our side to set things right, atleast to a small extent.

    There are so many issues that need to be solved within our community- lack of awareness of what the religion actually says with respect to education and its importance. This tagging and branding is only making things more difficult-convincing people at home and facing all the looks and stares from outside.!

    I have not crossed the borders of TN much except for a couple of times to the neighbouring state. I however felt that a little bit in my PG institute. You are right about their attitude on women. While most of the men from the South give way for us when we walk and treat us with the little respect which we deserve, they don’t have even that tiniest amount of concern. I think here in TN a girl is looked upon as their little sister, atleast among friends and I have very fond memories of that..

    \\….And many acts of human rights violation have been committed in the North India in the names of caste, culture etc which is far beyond the issues of identity of religion\\

    I’m afraid if these deadly disease will start spreading to South India too, and Karnataka seems to have undergone a sucessful test by these beasts.

    And you are right that we are heading towards turbulent times! May God, the Sublime, the Exalted protect us all from these evil heads!!

  5. The Victorious Says:

    \I feel more than questioning who should be labelled terrorists, we have more serious issue in our hands. This is not helping any one. \

    I agree with you. Questioning who should be named terrorists is not going to solve the problem at the grass-root level, but it is extremely frustrating to see only set of outfits being named terrorists and branding the entire community for their acts. A fact is a fact, if a random Mustafa commits a sin, call him a criminal or a terrorist, but don’t call him a Muslim-terrorist. When a Murugan commits a crime, we dont call him a Hindu-terrorist. We all know that it is stupid to call Murugan that way. Don’t we?

    You know, I take it as a joke these days, infact it has always been a funny thing for my friends to say ‘you look like a terrorist’ when I cover my face.

    But over a period of time, this mass tagging will make people lose confidence in others. Like you said, there may be people who may no longer be willing to trust the ‘bhais’ at the neighbourhood.

    However, I see this contempt and disgusting hate-speeches only in the virtual world and I never wish to see that in my real life at all. I still have some hope on our brotherhood- be it our neighbours and friends- we still love exchanging biriyanis for pongal-vadai.. 😀

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