May Allah subhanawata’la reward brother Hithendran and his parents immensely for the noble act of theirs.

It is a trauma which no parents or family members can come over easily. My mom grabbed her stomach when she read about him last week. She kept saying ‘Allah thaan ella makkalayum kaappathanum’ till she focused her attention to something else. Every mother who read that news would have felt the same way: about their children and their complete trust in the Almighty for their safe return everyday.

Despite the sudden loss of their precious child, his doctor parents were prudent enough to donate his organs. His heart has saved the life of a nine year old girl and his other organs may save the lives of many others.

How many of us are capable to think and act this way? We give up, lose hope in the Mercy of the Almighty and get depressed for nothing. We have three things to learn from the extreme generosity of his parents:

  • to be more rational than emotional even during a trauma
  • to donate our organs to save lives 
  • to put our head gears in place before we take the bike!

Thanks Ela, for reminding me to add this point.


10 Responses to “Hithendran”

  1. moffika Says:

    //to be more rational than emotional even during a trauma//

    That is really difficult…..

    Really extraordinary of their parents to do such an act……May allah reward them…

    And look at the irony of people living around us.When this same new was aired….there was another news about a beast killing a 2and a half yr old kid, for money….

    Really sick….

    Like your mom said….May Allah save us from all the evil in the world!!!!!!!!

  2. Ela Says:

    It really makes one’s heart feel peaceful with serenity to know that such people who could shine with humanity even in their dark hours exist…. I think it will be a shame to convey condolences to such brave and broad minded parents and only hope that people who live narrow life learn from them!

    Thanks for bringing such inspiring news to the front Victorious….these days it’s just crappy news which brings down the spirit of positiveness are abound everywhere!

  3. The Victorious Says:


    I know it is really difficult. As Ive mentioned in my post, even my mom could not digest it though it was the first time we even heard his name.

    About the killing of the child-yeah I saw the news too! I dont understand how can anyone even think of killing a baby!


    Thats right sis. This is indeed a very inspiring news.

  4. Ela Says:

    Yeap…forgot onething…u should also have added a third thing to learn……one should always take care to have proper protective gears while travelling……a careless attitude from that 16 yr old has given so much pain to his parents!

  5. Ela Says:

    And a nice Ramadan wishes to u and ur family!

  6. The Victorious Says:

    Thank you sis! Had a great day today- Alhamdhulillah! 🙂

  7. janani Says:

    you are great hithu[hithendran].we love you sooooooooooooooo much.

  8. Revathy Raman Says:

    Dear Dr couples,

    I salute your generosity even at the tragic situation.

    i have no words more than this……

    One side I am crying for the lose of your son and other side i am happy that Abhirami is saved…. Oh God !

    You are the definite role model in medicine field… Dr Madam … You are simply greatttttttttttttttttttttttttt……..

    I burst out to cry a lot whenever i see both you and sir and abhirami’s mother….

    Praying for that girl’s long life so as to make you feel that your son is living longgggggggggggg….


    Revathy Raman

  9. Dr.Ashokan Says:

    I am Dr.Ashokan, Hithendran’s father, nothing much to say, He left us four years back, we live in his memory..The heart recipient lived happily for one year and died due to infection our son’s heart was growing in her but she too left us. The kidney recipients are doing fine. the Liver recipient a women from kerala has conceived the very first time after several years after her marriage… these are the only happiness for us. Now Tamilnadu is number one state in Organ Transplantation.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnvzU0GOvWQ

  10. Victorious Says:

    Dear Dr Ashokan, it has been really long since I used this blog. I am totally at a loss of words to express my feeling while reading your comment. Hope you are doing well sir.

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