I’m Back!!!

You have plenty of people around you to confuse you right? On any normal day when you are fit enough to use your brain, you don’t let them play the fool with you. But sometimes, consciously or unconsciously you tend to listen to them and when you get back to your senses, you realise how dumb you have been. That is precisely the reason why I had to delete my old blogs without telling anyone. Thank God, I was atleast sane enough to import my blog contents to wordpress, which had long been my idea.

In this three week’s time of idleness, I really wanted to write about a lot of things, right from Hemu Ramaiah, the founder of Landmark to how really very special this Ramadan has been to me (Alhamdhulillah).

I will soon come back with a post on one of these two.. 🙂

And fellow bloggers and readers, I’m really very sorry if you wanted to visit my page and found it missing. I got a couple of enquiries from some readers who knew my email. Thanks a lot, dear readers!



11 Responses to “I’m Back!!!”

  1. Jaffer Says:

    Salaam Alaykum !

    Welcome to the world of WordPress ! I am already liking the theme you have chosen – and everything looks so much prettier !

    Sometimes I too think I need another place on the Internet to rant. Over the past 2 years, my reader demographics have completely changed – so there are issues, I rather keep away from !
    But I need the time and right now, I can’t put in extra effort to maintain another blog !

    Well, whatever the reason you had to leave your old domain, I am atleast glad to be in your good books.

  2. The Victorious Says:

    Wa alaikum salam warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu, brother!

    Thanks for your compliments on the theme, I really like the misty look of the picture. btw, how to make the comments visible without moderation?

  3. Jaffer Says:

    From your Dashboard, go to Settings → Discussion.

    Scroll down to “Before a comment appears” and uncheck:

    “An administrator must always approve the comment”
    “Comment author must have a previously approved comment”

  4. Noor Says:

    I guess once in a while we all just stop, think and then move on.
    Partially my reason I had to start Broken Fishtank.

    I’m not much of an expert on Blogging domains (actually, I’m not much of an expert on anything for that matter!) but I think this theme looks a lot better.

    Keep going!

  5. The Victorious Says:

    Jaffer- thanks for the help, brother. I have made the changes. Jazakallahu Khair

    Noor- You seem to be an expert in technology! (atleast to a tech-challenged person like me). Thanks for your comments 🙂

  6. N.V.Prashanth Says:

    You are back! I was looking for the Biriyani!

  7. The Victorious Says:

    Prashanth- and you found it!! yes I am back 🙂

  8. Ela Says:

    haah…haahhh….first write a post about “how really very special this Ramadan has been to me”….then we will talk about ur absconding all of a sudden from the blogosphere!

  9. The Victorious Says:

    Ela, apdingringga??

  10. Noor Says:

    btw, you COULD have left a note on your old blog saying you’ve moved and stuff.

    Makes life easier for the rest of us!

  11. The Victorious Says:

    ah brother Noor, I deleted my old blog without even thinking once!! I know I should have left a note on my old blog.. 😦 I’m sorry

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