I found this picture from Google in my dashboard. Look at the one in the middle.

As usual, the mosquito coil in my head started spinning, hence this one;)


9 Responses to “”

  1. Ahmed Noor Says:

    Aaru vithayasam illa…aayiram vithayaasangal irukuthu 🙂

  2. Ela Says:

    apppadiya kojam mosquito coil aa munnadi poi ippothaya picture aiyum post panna we can appreciate this scenario!!

  3. The Victorious.. Says:

    irundhuttu pogattum! 🙂

    adhu public interest le pannalai 😉

  4. Arun Sundar Says:

    All babies are too ‘good’ to be looked at from distance 🙂

  5. rahman Says:

    Was that you, in the picture below?

  6. Akash Says:

    Those babies are cute…..
    Actually babies are always cute….
    anyway…is that you….
    by the way if you like babies…look forward to my next post. all about babies
    a Known Stranger

  7. The Victorious.. Says:

    what about notorious kids?


    more than babies, I love naughty and talkative kids.. 🙂

  8. dobby Says:

    motta papaa nalla irukku…

  9. The Victorious.. Says:

    he he.. motta paappa ippo mottakathiyaa thirinjittu iruku 😉

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