The Psychopath in Chennai and blasts at Bangalaore

Most police are ordinary employees like us, they too want to finish their work as soon as possible and go home.

Catch a mentally disabled person on the road and say he is the one.

Name an outfit within minutes after the blast and close the file.

The ones who are behind that have obviously found a safe place to hide under.

And we will keep feeling bad for the ones who have lost their lives and continue to live in fear.


5 Responses to “The Psychopath in Chennai and blasts at Bangalaore”

  1. rahman Says:

    I think this is a much needed post at this time; and quite true.

    There was an excellent article I once read about police investigations; to sum it up, the biggest problem for police was having no suspects to go on.
    So as long as you have someone to blame, they have something to feed the news channels and go home to sleep.

  2. The Victorious.. Says:

    Welcome back Rahman!

    Hmmm, have a look at this article and the speculation from someone in the Defence.

    “”Over the last few years, the dissatisfaction among Indian Muslims has hitched onto the wagon of the global/regional jihad,” said C. Uday Bhaskar, a security analyst and former director of New Delhi’s Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses.

    “If you have 150 million Muslims in India, only 0.01 percent of that figure would mean a militant nucleus of 15,000 people.” “

    How can one justify this statement when the major bomb blasts that happened in India in the past three years also happened in Mosques and Muslim dominated areas (Hyderabad Makkah Masjid, Malegon, Muslim dominated areas in Ahmadabad)?

    I’m not denying that there may be some ‘Islamic’ (rather, Islamic sounding names) organization behind this ruthless act, as it was the case during the Coimbatore blasts (those morons did that to take revenge on RSS and Sangh Parivars). But it is foolish to give suspicious looks at men with a skull cap and a beard and hijaabi women.

    Tag the 20cr Indian Muslims as ‘possible terrorists’.

  3. Ahmed Noor Says:

    I was expecting a post from you on this subject, and you haven’t failed me.

    Things are going out of hand – Varanasi, Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad – what next? No more blame games, no more statistics, time for action.

    I am praying to GOD that there should be NO strike declared in Gujarat. Should that happen I see no less than a thousand people dead on streets of Ahmedabad and all villages of that state, on day One alone.

    I am not worried about the community / religion from which these people come, I am more concerned about the innocent and helpless and who may suffer for no reason of theirs.

    What is happening – An Ethnic Cleansing? With the current state of things, I will not be surprised if the same happens to Muslims in India as to what happened to Jews in Europe.

    By this, I am NOT blaming Muslims – not at all. I mean, people (read as animals) who does such an animalistic act to even keep bombs in hospitals, they cannot be deemed livable even.


    Depends on the course of things for now


  4. The Victorious.. Says:

    Annachi, enna solla varringa?

    Let us all hope and pray to the Almighty for peace. Let the ones who are responsible be caught immediately and chopped off. Let us wait for Justice. Insha Allah.

    It is not the question of Hindus or Muslims. It is about our unity, which is our stregnth.

  5. Ahmed Noor Says:

    Athu thaan yenakkum puriyalai

    Naan yenna solla vanthean nu ;/

    Romba kulambi poi kidakkrean nu nikairean, hmm…

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