It was after four full years that we started getting channels like Mtv, Channel V, ESPN, Star Sports, etc. Thanks (not really) to the ‘free’ set top boxes distributed by the cable operators. If I remember correctly, it was in the beginning of 2004 when we stopped getting such channels and I was glad that my brother will not trouble me with watching sports and wrestling all the time. Our ‘remote’ fights largely reduced after that.

Apparently, it was really long since I got to watch channels like Mtv. To see the anchors/Vjs/models dressed or hardly dressed in ‘clothes’ that just looked like some large size handkerchiefs wrapped around them. No, I’m not exaggerating here, I’m just typing what I saw on TV. I wasn’t really shocked, but was wondering to what extent this ‘shrinkage’ would go. There were two programs, ‘Get Gorgeous’ and “Splitsvilla’ on Channel V and Mtv, both featuring skimpily clad women bitching about each other. Oh, I forgot to mention that there is also another program called ‘Bitch Diaries with Pia’.

I remember what one of my favourite professors in Economics, Mr.Victor Louis Anthuvan had to say about globalization. I remember the last few words so well, and I know how true his words are! “…women are being commoditized”. It isfunny to see these ‘modern’ age ‘liberated’ women being humiliated for not walking the way it is supposed to be, right in front of the camera. To me, they are no different than objects, who are merely looked upon as ‘things’ which can showcase the dresses (they obviously don’t serve the purpose) designed by some one, wear a make up that literally scares us and walk like dead bodies coming out of the mortuary. It is sad that many women think revealing is cool and something that boosts their confidence.

Freedom does not mean you should imitate men by smoking, drinking and attending late night parties. Shortening the length of your skirts and revealing your curves is not liberation. You are liberated only when you are looked upon for what you are, your knowledge and character. Your deeds and senses. Your speech and dignity. You should command respect and make others to give way for you when you walk. The lustful morons should be afraid of you and dare not wink at you. When you, as a woman preserve your dignity, the heights that you reach will be enormous. Heights not in terms of fame and publicity, but the respect and love that people give for what you are and not a mere attention towards your bodily curves.


11 Responses to “Liberation”

  1. Rayees Ahamed Says:

    hehe, when cricket matches are live in espn, starsports appo thaan rombo kashtamaa irukkum.

    Atv Btv Ctv.. Etv .. Ftv … Htv .. Ktv… Mtv… Qtv.. Utv, Vtv… Ztv , oru alphabet kooda vidamaatanga pola.

    ithukku mela celestial objects based TVs… Sun tv, Star tv, Moon tv, vitta Jupiter, pluto, comets , meteroids, milky way nu poiduvanga pola irukku …

    well written about liberation, JazakAlla :). Even in western world, gents are generally more covered than ladies and they never bothered that shrinking their dress as liberation.

    Everyone has their own choice to live as they wish, and it is not actually a problem if that doesn’t hurt the society/humanity.

    But what happens is, widespread prevalent practice in a wider picture at a longer run, increases the temptations (especially early age temptations) in the society leading to illegal affairs, illegitimate children, teenage abortions, spoiling of family love, problems including divorces and associated effects on children life, sexually transmitted diseases etc., etc.,

    A society of a family system which bothers chastity, child care and old parents care , cannot go hand in hand with increasing glamour and sexy outfits.. The Joint family ssytem is almost broken now, nuclear families have have succesfully replaced them, and no wonder in future even nuclear family system will be in history books ….

  2. Ela Says:

    Well….preserving dignity and commanding respect is good for every human being….it does not matter whether it is a man or a woman. And it is unfortunate that most of the woman do not understand that what is happenning is expoliatation in a new way. I am completley against things that are forced upon others alhtough i believe that everyone has the choice to say ‘No’ but mostly it is the fear of having to tread the hard path that makes people chose the easy ones!

    Personally I would not mind a women wearing modern dress if she can make an interesting, intelligent, witty conversation with me and rely on the message that she has a character and moral strength that needs to be appreciated. Then for me her physical appearance is of less consequence1

  3. Mihir Says:

    oh, i LOVE modern women and their apparent lack of clothes.
    It gives you space.To imagine…
    and THAT is pretty shallow, i know, but w/e.
    oh, and interesting blog.
    i like the concept of the title and the question

  4. Ela Says:

    Enna ammani…..retreat la irukkeengala?!

  5. SLOGGER Says:

    Victorious –
    Thanks for visiting my blog and do appreciate your comment here even more. I did visit your blog couple of time, but choose not to post my views, because they were in contradiction with your opinion. I for one am open to any views, because I feel that debate is one of the better ways to learn. I hope you feel the same way and also, that you are open to my views without any confinement.
    Also, in my reply I am not going to compare Hinduism against Islam, not because of my knowledge or interest, (lately that has become my bread and butter) but mainly because that’s irrelevant to this argument.
    Question – Why did I call Mughals as Muslims and not British as Christians?
    This is really an excellent question, and frankly I didn’t even notice that until you brought it up. But to answer your question, I have to dig deep into my mind on why it thinks that way
    Islam is a religion of brotherhood. You either belong to the brotherhood or not. You are either a believer or a kafir. In Islam your religion identifies who you are, not where you are from. That’s the reason, India got split three ways and I hope you agree that Jinnah is directly responsible for that. Now if in this stage, you believe that Jinnah was right in demanding a separate nation then do state that in your reply, let’s then analyze why you think that way?
    Continuing on, along with Jinnah my mind still holds that majority of Muslim were responsible for the split. Now people keep reminding me, that this is only a select few and a silent majority still supports India. Then why do I see all these bombings and what not. I agree there is a silent majority in Muslim community; this silent majority is sympathetic to fellow Muslims because they come under their brotherhood which has a thicker bond than that of a fellow countrymen.
    On Christianity, there is a totally different view. They spread religion and religion alone. May be one day they will try to take us over as a whole, I don’t know but right now there principle is to convert you to Christianity and it ends right there. So when Paul Dinakaran comes to Marina Beach and starts talking about miracle and why everyone should follow Christianity, I get equally mad. But there I as a Hindu failed to educate my people on my religion. That’s my mistake not his. He is not telling Christians to revolt against India right? He is trying to sell his religion.
    So to answer your question, my mind still holds Muslims responsible for splitting my country. It doesn’t differentiate Mughals or some other sub sect. It doesn’t think that way about British (Christians), because I didn’t see Christ-istan yet.
    Note – I didnt know where to post this reply so I choose the first one in your blog. I will also post his reply in my blog, if you think that this isnt the right place

  6. The Victorious.. Says:

    @ BROTHER Slogger,

    You are doing the same mistake again. It is Jinnah, his decision and some of his followers who are responsible for the partition and definitely not the whole of Muslims. FYI, India houses the second largest number of Muslims in the entire world. If all Muslims are fools to have gone behind Jinnah, we wouldn’t have had this many INDIAN MUSLIMS here.

    It is sad that you generalise and think that a fellow Muslim will rather support a terrorist in the name of a Muslim and not a Hindu who is his brother in humanity. I dont see that happening anywhere. For generations we have been living with Hindu and Christian brothers, I studied in colleges where I happened to be the one of the few (it was just 2 in BIM) Muslim girl, but never once I felt the way you portray us.

    Again, IT IS STUPID that you think Muslims don’t consider themselves as a part of India. Don’t you know the number of Indian Muslims in the Indian army? Don’t you know that it is them who were used in majority during the Kargil war? Don’t you know that Tippu Sultan bravely fought against the Britishers? Don’t you know that the most of the NRI money flows from a majority of MUSLIM labourers who work as coolies in the gulf and other foreign nations? Who is Abdul Kalam? Who is Zaheer Khan and Irfan Pathan?

    The division and split that you are talking about exists in the form of untouchability even at this age. Even today people cannot walk with slippers and drink tea from glasses. It is worthwhile to address tangible problems that face our society than something imagined like this one.

    I strongly feel that more than the terrorists be it some organization starting with ‘Al'(Al Qaeda) or ending with AL(bajrangdAL), it is the baseless generalisation from ‘educated’ people which splits our Nation. Let me tell you, it is never going to happen. Whatever it is, we love our country and the brothers in humanity. 🙂

  7. The Victorious.. Says:

    \\Personally I would not mind a women wearing modern dress\\

    He he.. you and I will never mind about this sis, if we do, we have a problem 😉
    And, I’m of a very strong opinion that a woman chooses how she wants to be treated by men. I don’t mean to say that all well covered women have a great heart and vice versa. It is beyond obvious that men pay more attention to the bodily features and look at her only for that if she dresses that way.

    \\Enna ammani…..retreat la irukkeengala?!\\
    He he,. almost.. ippo thaan back to form 😉

  8. Ela Says:

    Looks like i have missed quite an interesting conversation going on here between u and slogger…will have to jump to his blog and catch the rest….

    BTW, whenever two people want to have a conversation it is better to shake off any emotional feelings or attachement and then proceed to look at the facts and extrapolations and everything….

    that said, Victorious….men will always look at females in a different way…that’s biology….that instinct was an inbuilt mechanism designed by nature to ensure propagation of our species….it is we human beings wanting to build a civilised society develpoed certain rules and regulations and polished ourselves in our behaviour and outlook…. where mostly we (i mena our society in our country) have failed.

    In my opinion most of our guys are crude when it comes to that….they unfortunatley lack the sophistication on how to look at a fellow human being from the opposite sex….Once it happened that one of my room mate after her week end at home came back with real sad face and when i asked her what happened she told me that during her travel in the bus one guy said to her “there is no need for u to take so much trouble to cover urself as u don’t have anything to cover”. Girls from villages wear their dupattas tightly pinned on both sides and she belonged to the lean category, she got this comment…so …

    As for me i treat every human being as an individual and would like to be treated also the same….and i want to build myslef, mould myself based on my dreams, principles, on beliefs of my right and wrong, rather than on the sexual fantasy of half baked men….

  9. The Victorious.. Says:

    @ Br Slogger,

    I’m sorry, I had been harsh in my reply.


    It is true that I got a bit emotional. But I just couldn’t resist myself when someone makes a statement that Muslims in India are responsible for the partition and a majority of us support terrorism. I felt it is ok to be blunt on my reply to a false and a baseless statement.

    \\that instinct was an inbuilt mechanism designed by nature to ensure propagation of our species..\\
    This is exactly the reason why I stand strong in my views that a woman should never reveal her bodily features. Even animals have such natural instincts. So what makes us different from them?

    It is true that some of the men have eyes better than x-rays. Even if one wraps up completely, like the friend whom you quoted, there will be a few eyes at them always. But that doesn’t mean I can say, ‘hey, I can dress up the way I want, and it is none of your business to look at me’.

    We know there are a lot of men who are half-baked. So why should one give room for them?

  10. SLOGGER Says:

    It looks like you missed the important theme in my reply. Let me state it again in one sentence; the brotherhood in Islam is stronger than one’s nationality. You can always spin around it and state that it’s not but what history points at is completely different. Let’s go back to Jinnah, if majority of Muslim’s are for united India, how did he get Pakistan? See you argument doesn’t hold well. You are right in the sense that most of the Muslims in India did wanted to stay in India, after all they had their relatives, friends and investment but that does not mean that they did not sympathize or supported Muslims who wanted Pakistan. I will tell you a story which happened to Mahatma,
    During the riots, Hindus were killing Muslims and the Muslims were killing Hindus. A Muslim mother who lost everything in the riot came to Gandhi and said, “Why can’t you give the Muslims Pakistan? After all they are just 2 brothers who want to divide their land.” For that Gandhi replied, “I would have said yes but they just want rip their mothers womb.”
    Mahatma was Nobel, he was a saint, but I am not. From my view, I see India as my holy land, just like Muslim’s see Saudi Arabia and Jews Israel and Christians Vatican. Do you think they will let me build a Temple in their holy place? Now, I am not saying that there shouldn’t be any Mosque or Church, what I want is peace and tranquility in my holy land, so I don’t want any demand in my holy land for a separate land for Muslims and Christians or some special treatment for their practice. I don’t see anything wrong in that, Do you?
    Going back to your point, see the truth is, when it comes to dividing the nation there is no 2 answers, there is only one, you are either with or against it. This is where Congress went wrong. They wanted something to rule no matter what and they are same way today. Mahatma wanted a united front, Jinnah didn’t listen, and so did Nehru and his fellow clowns.
    Let’s continue analyzing your view point by point.
    a.Don’t get blind sighted by what you read in our history book. Tippu Sultan and Veera Pandia Katta Bomman (VPKB) did not fight British for the sake of India. They fought the war for themselves and to protect their land. I don’t blame them, because India as an entity was not there. VPKB didn’t have the money to pay the British, so his only option was to fight. Regarding Tippu Sultan, just go to Wikipedia and do a search on “Tippu Sultan”, you will find “GOOD” details of what he did during his rule.
    b.Dr.Kalam – Before I start, one request, don’t put Irfan Pathan and Zaheer Khan on par with Dr. Kalam. I don’t think they should be addressed in the same sentence (We don’t want to be one of those blind Indian Sports freak). Anyhow, when you judge an event, you don’t go by a single example do you? I can state Mahatma is a great politician thus, all politicians are great!!! See it does not make sense.
    c.Untouchables – See every religion has its drawbacks. As I said before I don’t want this argument to be about Hindus vs. Muslims. But just to let you know, do you know how you address yourself in Middle East or Northern Africa, by your clan. If you belong to a clan which is lower in grade, your treatment will be remarkably different. Again, let’s not get in depth on this, this doesn’t mean I support the practice of untouchability in India; it’s just a different argument. (My reply here do sound bad, because you state something bad in me and my defense is, “you have that too”. You have to ignore this).
    d.Your ending is kind of cute (Begins and Ends with AL), and you are right, India will stand united but I don’t think it will be as simple as you think or as you wish it to be.
    In conclusion, I want to reiterate my point from my previous reply. I do agree there is a silent majority in Muslim Community, but be it the issues in Kashmir, or SIMI they don’t see it as a national issue. They see a brother in distress and they like to support the brother in arms.
    Also, we are having a knowledgeable argument. There is nothing harsh nor do I have any personal vendetta against you, I am just stating my mind. 🙂

  11. The Victorious.. Says:

    Brother, it is true that the brotherhood in Islam is really very strong. That is what Islam advocates since all of us are from Adam and Eve. But it doesn’t mean that one shows hatred towards a brother in humanity following a different faith.

    Seems like many have an opinion that Muslims would find Saudi better than India. Since I have my closest relatives slogging there for years, I know what the reality is. Even if one is a Muslim, he is only looked upon as an Indian. He is not given any special rights except for the right which is enjoined upon us by God, to visit Makkah. Otherwise, my uncles’ friends are mostly Tamil speaking people, be it Muslims or Christians or Hindus. Same is the case with me or anyone else. In my colleges and workplace, I have always been one among a few Muslims. We never formed any group as Muslims. And I don’t see this happening anywhere. I’m telling you all this because I know how things are at the grassroot level. None of the Muslims, to my knowledge, atleast in Tamil Nadu feel themselves more attached to an unknown brother in Pakistan than a known brother in India.

    And about supporting someone who is caught as a terrorist. Let me tell you one thing clearly. No one will support a person who has harmed another soul. No one. Be it a Hindu or a Muslim. But when an innocent soul is caught for the act of someone else, I will support that person and not what is propagated by the media. To give you an example, see what happened to those who were arrested during the Coimbatore bomb blasts. It is beyond doubt that some ‘Muslims’ (to me, they are only Muslims by record. they don’t even fit to be called as humans) are responsible for the killing of innocent people. But what did the police do? They arrested hundreds of harmless Muslims, most of them young boys only for the sake of record. They spent a whole decade in jail for no reason. Shouldn’t every human support them? Why should they be punished for no reason and why should we be branded as terrorists just because of the act of a few. I support them just like how I support the natives of Satyamangalam forest who were tortured for no reason by the Special Action Force. Now tell me brother, what is wrong with this? This is how Muslims react, and they never, never support a terrorist group which kills innocent souls.

    I still stand to my point that majority of the Muslims have nothing to do with the partition. Atleast, being a huge chunk of the population here in TN, we are never bothered about what is happening in Pak.

    And, about building temples in Saudi. Saudi may not have a temple (please note that only the present govt is doing so. During the Prophet Muhammed’s (peace be upon him) days, there were many Jews and Christians who peacefully coexisted had their places of worship in the same land ) but many gulf countries do have them. You know about the famous Murugan temple in the Muslim Kingdom Malaysia.

    About untouchability. I have never heard anything about the African clan, but Islam which advocates peace and unity stand to it no matter what. The best example would be Makkah, the true symbol of Universal brotherhood. All races of Humanity, be it African, American, Indian, Chinese, etc stand shoulder to shoulder together.

    I do understand that your views on holy land, India. I’m not too well versed with the entire history of India, but I can say that with a certain degree of confidence about Tamil Nadu. Throughout the Tamil history, one may notice that there was no single religion which could be identified as the religion of the Tamils. There was Saivam, Vainavam (though they can be grouped as Hinduism now,, they were considered two different in Tamil literature), Samanam, etc. It was in the period of ‘Bakhti Movement’ that a lot of temples were built by the kings and it continued since then.

    Every king followed the religion he liked and propagated the religion accordingly. Some Chozha kings (Raja Raja Chozhan) was pleased with Buddhism and there were many places of worship built by them in TN though they were Saivites. Cheraman Perumal in Kerala embraced Islam during the Prophet’s days itself (1400 yrs back). The Chitthars in TN also did not believe in idol worship. I don’t exactly remember the verses of the small poem I studied during my college days, but I can quote if you want. The Vedas of Hindus also talk about GOD as ONE Supernatural power without giving any forms.

    SO much has existed in India, and they still do. There is so much of diversity, yet we live together. I can never find a home better than ours in TN anywhere else in this world. I can’t speak a language other than Tamil so beautifully. Except for my school friends, all my friends are Hindus (and a few Christians). We exchange biriyanis for yummy sweets and sweets for sweets. That is how India is.

    You may stil not agree with me, but it will be nice if you understand that majority of the Muslims don’t feel the way you think.You can trust me, since this comes from an Indian sister of yours. 🙂

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