As a part of my daily routine of checking mails and reading news, I came across this which I found really pleasing. Finally, a little relief for the Guantanamo Bay prisoners who were detained for many years without anything ‘legal’ that justifies their detention. Some more chaani on Bush’s face. But is this enough? Even people blessed with the least amount of sense know that Bush and Modi who are legally in power are nothing but monsters in disguise. Adding to the list are people illegally in power, like Dawood Ibrahim and other dhadhas who are demons in no disguise. Once in a while, we see a few cases coming into the limelight that reveals the true color of these beasts. As the public memory is short, one cannot expect them to get what they deserve out of that little attention that they get during that time. Same thing applies here too.

The case of Guantanamo is like a tiny droplet in an ocean. There are thousands or even millions of people detained baselessly in every corner of the world. Be it the natives of Sathiamangalam who fell a prey to the police assigned with a task of hunting Veerappan or our fellow brothers and sisters being cheated by fraudulent agents and undergoing the torment in a foreign land.

My faith in the life after death grows really, really strong when I read things like this. The maximum punishment that they get for their acts is just death. Every one of us in this world have to die some day, isnt’ it? It is just the way we die differs. Even an absolutely innocent soul may face a miserable end in an accident. Death cannot be the only punishment. There must be something beyond that.

Let us all wait for the day, the Day of Judgement.

22:22 Every time they want to get out of Hellfire from anguish, they will be returned to it, and [it will be said], “Taste the punishment of the Burning Fire!”


7 Responses to “Justice”

  1. pithan Says:

    What is punishment? A measure to make some one align to your ways – the practice of imposing something unpleasant or aversive on a person or animal in response to an unwanted, disobedient or morally wrong behavior.

    After death what is the scale to measure “Good” and “Pleasant” ?

    The stories of oil boilers for immoral souls are to bring in the fear of god. Thats a marketing and branding ploy all religions are successfully doing.
    I think all great saints and great religions would have never talked of “Fear” and “Punishment” rather would have emphasized on “Respect” and “Conscious”. Its the intermediaries aka brokers (Samiyaar) who bring in these concepts and say these are god’s words
    There can be no greatest “punishment” to young mind’s human intelligence rather than imposing the concept of “Lateral Punishments”

  2. The Victorious.. Says:

    If not for a fear of punishment how do you expect people on a mass scale to refrain from doing anything that is bad. Almost all human beings have a little sense of right and wrong.

    People keep away from hurting others mainly for two reasons. It is either that their conscience doesnt allow them to do so or they are afraid of a punishment from the society, be it physical or emotional. When their conscience allows them to do such things and are not punished by the society, you will have rowdies and dhadhas on a small scale and terrorists on a large scale.

    Let us see this case. There is a person who likes to steal for the thrill of doing it. He doesn’t get caught. He continues to do so. He never gets caught. Gradually, the fear that he had about the society vanishes and starts doing things on a much, much larger scale. He then becomes totally uncontrollable. The society, to which he was once afraid of becomes totally submissive to him. He continues to live like that and may face death some day. Either by an encounter (this is a ‘happening’ word in TN;) )or of a natural death.

    Now there are thousands of souls whom he had harmed, directly and indirectly. To whom is he answerable? So far in this world he has never been responsible for his actions. What is the justice to those who were harmed because of him?

    If Islam comes under your category of ‘great religions’, it DOES tell me about God fear and Punishment. Well it also gives me glad tidings about the reward that I’m going to get if do good deeds. It is very simple, this world is just a testing ground, temporary, there awaits an eternal happiness or torment based on our deeds in the Hereafter. This seems logical and my rationale accepts it.. 🙂


    Btw, thanks for dropping by, its been long time. How is your daughter Aadhi?

  3. pithan Says:

    I agree Punishments are necessary in a society to keep “order”. But i still dont understand the concept of lateral punishment.

    Any religion should never negatively reinforce a value or moral. Its an insult to human mind (For believers human mind is an god’s gift)

    Why should God say i will allow you do whatever i want you to do..You may sometimes be punished..But be warned there is a “greater” punishment awaiting..

    1. Man has a mind. Its upto him to use it and rationalize what is good or bad. (For believers its a gods gift to humans)
    2. Morals are not absolute. They are relative.

    1. Is it ok to kill? NO
    2. Is it ok to kill a bird? Yes..As long as you eat it 🙂
    3. Is it ok to kill a man? No
    4. Is it ok to kill a man who is your enemy in the war? Yes, He is your enemy

    – Whats the right cause?

    To qualify all these statements, man has a mind. You use it and rationalize it.

    Fear will nurture tyranny, (god is no exception). Respect and rationalization will nurture peace.

  4. The Victorious.. Says:

    Our faith does not negatively reinforce any value or moral. It just shows two simple ways: the good and the bad. While it says, ‘do good deeds and you will be rewarded, it also at the same time says don’t be bad else you’ll be punished’.

    To quote from the Holy Quran,

    Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in God hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And God heareth and knoweth all things.

    \\1. Is it ok to kill? NO
    2. Is it ok to kill a bird? Yes..As long as you eat it 🙂
    3. Is it ok to kill a man? No
    4. Is it ok to kill a man who is your enemy in the war? Yes, He is your enemy\\

    Rights and wrongs are set by the religion based on a simple yarstick. If it is good for the humanity, do it, if it is bad, refrain. It is ok to eat a bird which is cut in a proper way, but it is forbidden to eat a bird which died by itself. It is then left for us to choose which one we want.

    And about the 4th point, to us, it is not right to kill someone just because he is my enemy. I can only him if he does injustice.

    \\To qualify all these statements, man has a mind. You use it and rationalize it. \\
    Did I answer you here? 🙂

  5. Arun Sundar Says:

    Wogay. Lets wait.

  6. Momin Says:

    Assalaamu alaykum dear,

    Very well penned,Alhamdulillah…

    The muslim belief, dat dis temporal world is a test for d hereafter, and each and every individual will be judged perfectly according to his/her own deeds and actions including our own beloved prophet(saws) has absolute justice.. there is not an iota of inhumanity, irrationality, or even partiality in muslim belief…..definitely the actions ofBush, Saddam, Modi,n all those terrorists, rapists, killers, liars, hypocrites, and suicide bombers will be judged according to their deeds!

    All praise is due to Allah,The Adil,-Utterly Just!

  7. muslim Says:

    May Allah free the all. ameen

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