Tracing the origins…

My journey in tracing the roots begun long ago. I don’t remember when exactly, but I know how I strained myself so hard to know the truth. This word is so popularly used by people in TN, especially in Chennai, where you can see even North Indians using it so commonly. The only difference is that they make it sound as if it ends with ‘ae’ instead of ‘a’ or ‘ai’, which is how it is normally pronounced.

Hmmm. By now you all may have guessed that word. If not, you either don’t belong to Chennai or you are a soul which is totally detached from the outside world. Anyways, let me give it here, as a part of my mission to enlighten people with my knowledge.

Mokkai is the word. Imagine how handicapped people like us would be without it. Mokkai is such a beautiful word, which can be used in any context. Some of the classic examples are:

PJ Mokkai
Q: “Hey what’s up?”
A: “Fan, light, ceiling, the next floor and terrace”

General Mokkai
Q: “How was the class macha?”
A: “Mokka da, semma mokka”
Fact: ‘macha’ is more commonly used among girls

Marana Mokkai
Q: “OOoiii un peru enna?”
A: “nnna, Tamil Naatlaye ennai paathu peru ennannu kaetta mudhal aalu ninnga thaannna”

Sakka Mokkai
E dandanaka E danakudaka
May maasam adikudhu Veyilu
Marathula irundhu koovudhu paar Kuyilu
Thar le poduvaanga Roadu
En mokkaya kaetutu nee thalaypichuttu Odu
E dandanaka danakudaka diyan diyan dish”

Coming back to the etymology, I think Mokkai could have evolved from Mottakathi. It is nothing but a blunt knife. It has always been our habit to associate knife and saw (rambam, arukuraaru) with a form of speech that is boring. Since rambam sounds like a word that is used by the elites, there evolved a new word, Mokkai.

There is soon going to be an IIM in Chennai.

Indian Institute of Mokkai Management.


8 Responses to “Tracing the origins…”

  1. Ela Says:

    Oooiiiii Thoodaa….phD in mokkai research….veyil romba jaasthiyo anga?

    I never used ‘macha’ only ‘machi’….is that old fashioned or out of fashion?

  2. Arun Sundar Says:

    U need not have insulted IIM for this.

    And marana mokkai was good.

  3. Jaffer Says:


    I am not from Chennai…

  4. rahman Says:

    I must admit though, nearly lived on P.Js and Mokkai straight thru college

    Oh, and one more thing; “machi” is more commonly used by guys…for God knows what reason.

    Bro, I’m sorry, its not about chennai but you had to know Tamil to understand this one!
    Rock on!

  5. The Victorious.. Says:

    @ Elaa

    Mokkai ku kannillla, Adhe madhiri adhu veyil mazahayum paakuradhu illa

    @ Arun

    Insulted IIM? It will be another feather to their hat.

    @ Jaffer

    If not Chennai, atleast a bunch of Tamil speaking friends will do. 😀

    @ Rahman

    Mokkai saved us from dying of boredom in classes. 🙂

  6. நிரஞ்சன் Says:

    Mokkai la ippadi oru aaraaichiya…!!! athuvum that title… “tracing the origins…” atha paathuttu naan etho serious-ana matternu ninaichen.. ana, appuram than therinchathu,, ithuku peru than mokkai nu,,,, kalakitinga ponga…
    BTW, ennala mudiyala…. 😦

  7. Ponnarasi Kothandaraman Says:

    IIM Chairman’a neenga 😛

    Conversational part was 2 good 🙂

  8. The Victorious.. Says:

    @ Niranjan
    Aluvadhinga.. Paravalla.. Idhellam vaalkaile jagajam

    @ Ponnarasi
    Chairman illa Chairwoman… Ebbudi mokka

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