I miss my school days. College days. BIM days. Vetti days. I want summer holidays again. I envy my cousins who happily sleep till 10-11. I can’t even think of any tours now. I remember how quickly I used to flip the pages of my school calendar to know the excursion date. How I was jumping to see ‘Vayalar’ station written in Malayalam, for it was the first time I crossed the borders of TN.


Unlike the kids of today, we didn’t go for any summer camps. Our Kamma veedu (Grandmother’s house) was so much fun, and the whole day was spent playing choppu samaan (miniature crockery), hide and seek, lock and key, mooku killi, and any wierd game that would come to our minds (like eii naama ippo oru kaattukulla irukom, angae oru bayangaramana boodham iruku, naama ipo gudhiraila porom, tottaing tottaing). I have a feeling we were happier than these Pogo watching-play station ‘playing’-ipod listening kids of today.

Whatever it is, I miss those days. It is a sad, boring feeling that I don’t have anything called Summer holidays again in my life, like how it used to be during school-college times. I miss that thrill of waiting for the annual exams to end and those two months were amazingly refreshing. It is boring to wait for an approval even if you want to take a day off for yourself. What to do, life has to move on, I think I need to land with a big thud to realise that we are ‘growing’ up (okay, older ;)).


12 Responses to “Summer”

  1. Gayatri Says:

    “kids of today” lol.. but yeah, i know what you mean.. my cousin has never played on the streets or fallen down and hurt himself.. how boring 🙂

  2. Ela Says:

    Yeap….those days of making master plans to fool the mothers and get out to have fun and then later on to hide all the mess was fun!
    Most of the time i ended up in trouble by being innovative in our small garden…so when my mom wakes up after her afternoon nap, u can imagine!

    climbing trees, running along the streets with indegenously made eco-friendly vehicles, fighting with baddies, repairing an old murphy radio was my other rituals.. when i grew up, i slowly moved to the TV and a big clock which turned out to be a disaster.

    And usually i tried to learn something new every year along with the other usual stuffs…bicycling, stitching, making baskets, typewriting and shorthand, screen printing and the last one was being an insurance agent.

    And my favorite one was the time that i spent with my cousin when he was three years old….i used to visit the village from my college and we two had real fun….running around the garden singing songs and lying side by side under the trees and he telling ‘raghasiyam’ to me and giggling….. haaaah…those days of pure fun!

  3. Raz Says:

    voi ! jus now understood ur blog’s url 😉

    genius la nan 😀

  4. The Victorious.. Says:

    @ gayatri

    Yeah! These kids are boring! It is irritating to see them sporting some gadgets all the time and finding no time for outdoor games!

    @ ela

    Sis, you have had an amazing time as a kid! There isn’t any garden in our house. I had limited fun wonli. And thanks for sharing it here. 🙂

    @ razu

    Kandupudichittiyaaa maaa…. 😀 yaarukittayum sollidadhe ok a 😉

  5. Kuttibalu Says:

    hey biriyani..
    yup true.. or is this called urbanised way of spending the summer holidays..

    my nephew is sent to summer camp to learn slogan (yenna kodumai Sir!!) which we learnt from our parents. this dude is afraid of water and dust.

    but my nice who is not from a city, enjoys playing choppu jaman, she cooks one spoon of sambar and one spoon of rice for her mom daily.. and we all will eat that imaginatively.. 😀 😀

    Seriuosly me too want my summer days back.. this reminds of the song from Veyil.

  6. Arun Sundar Says:

    ‘Tottaing Tottaing’ sounds like fun. You should try that in u’r workplace once 😉

  7. Jaffer Says:

    I feel the same as you do ever since me and the rest of the guys graduated.

    Now that some of them are already getting married and others are moving to other cities, we’ll be seeing less and less of each other.

    Oh I hate to even think about it !

  8. Prashanth Says:

    “Mookku Killi” was nominated for the olympics in China. The problem was that Japnaese and Chinese cannot participate..bcos mosaic tharaila polish potta maadhiree irukkum.. So just miss!!

    Our source of enjoyment was cricket… “Hit the mandai” contest and “Run for ur life” contest were soul filling!

  9. rantravereflect Says:

    yehhh used to live in the gulf- wen i was a kid, we used to wait to go downstirs n play cricket/cocoa/lock n key/badminton….
    my dad used to be like: ya guys are missing out on so much- we climbed mango trees, swam in a pond,roll tyres on the street!
    n he was like ‘ya kids don’t know how to enjoy’

    well, our lilttle unz, i wunder if they’d move out their ps6’s and facecomputer(oops facebook)..

    eery generation moves light years ahead 🙂

  10. The Victorious.. Says:

    @ Kuttibalu

    Yeah, that Veyil song! My mom loves it and becomes very nostalgic when she sees the video.. 🙂

    @ Arun

    Tottaing Tottaing, yeah, I should try that here some day! 😀

  11. The Victorious.. Says:

    @ Jaffer

    I’m already there. Many of my friends are married and some have babies. The rest are not in town.. 😦


    Cha, justu missu no!?!! Varry bad.. 😛 About cricket and running for life, I remember looking with a sad face when my brother used to play. The only role i had to play was throwing the ball if it goes out of the play area.

  12. The Victorious.. Says:

    @ rantravereflect…

    You are right! Even my dad says the same, about climbing trees and swimming in ponds. Wonder what these kids will tell their future gen.. 😛

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