Left is Right

I wonder from where on earth people get these ideas! No, I’m not talking about any Vijayakanth or Chimpoo’s movies here, but a wierd list of successful leaders based on their hairstyle. Published by none other than namma Fortune magazine. Here is the excerpt from the article:

“A look at the hairstyle of a CEO may tell you whether his firm should be grooming a successor. Here’s 9 top execs and their ‘dos”
And here is the link:
Ukkandhu, suit ellam pottu, peria hotel le hall a eduthu, nalla saappadu saaptu yosippaainggalo??
Now this would trigger the thought process of many of our local journalists and they may come up with something like this:
TR’s: Left

You can compare him with the legendary investor, Mr. Warren Buffet. They share something else in common, apart from their hair-do. Both are ‘contrarians’, who hate following the crowd and have tried to carve a niche for themselves in their respective fields. There is also another similarity, though may seem insignificant to you: I’m a big fan of both. (Jokes apart, I’m one of those who simply love Buffet’s investment strategies)

Nextu, Vijayakanth’s : Other

If it is not left, it is right, if it is not both, then it is Vijayakanth’s. (He can probably use this in his next movie, I don’t wish to take any consulting fee for this). A person with this kind of a hairstyle may have superman’s powers, or even greater than that. I’m assuming that all of us are well aware of the Narasimha’s currenntt saacckku dialogue (Sadharana manusanuku current vecha avanuku thaan saackadikum, aanaa Narasimhaku currentu vecha andha currentuke saacckadikum…rr^^^^^^^^#######_&&**_*_*…DAAMAAALLLLLL, there is a blast).

JK Ritheesh’s: Kothu Parotta (spikes aamaam)

Like his hairstyle, he can make his audience get goosebumps with his impressive performance. One is prone to get psoriasis after coming out from the theatre (yeah, after excessive pullarichufying).

A lot of interesting research can be done on this topic, due to time constraints, I’m restricting myself to only these well deserving actors. More suggestions are welcome.


20 Responses to “Left is Right”

  1. Ponnarasi Kothandaraman Says:

    Hehehe….enjoyed the post.. TR paathaley sirippa varuthu 😛

  2. Ela Says:

    yean thidir innu intha aaraichi?

  3. rahman Says:

    I did a major double-take reading that post. 😀

    talk abt combing for success…think its time to change my hairdo.

    p.s. surely you could’ve found a more…er…human example than TR? 😀
    (no offence)
    rock on, jazakallah!

  4. Arun Sundar Says:

    Somebody nuke such heroes…

    No wait..

    On a second thought, we indeed need humour in tamil industry. Let them hang around and do serious acting. Thats enough humour for us.

  5. The Victorious.. Says:

    @ Rahman
    What is wrong with namma thalaivar TR? We all have so much to learn from this ‘multi faceted’ personality. LOL

    @ Arun
    You are right. Two people, whom we overheard talking in the theatre said ‘machan, Vadivel padathoda super a irukum da’. Btw, that was when we went to watch VEERASAMY in a theatre. 😀

  6. Gayatri Says:

    I second Ela 🙂

  7. The Victorious.. Says:


    aaraichi ellame thideer thideernu thaan panna thonum.. 😀

  8. Ela Says:

    Hey, write some other post soon…enakku intha TR pictures ellam paakka paakka sirippu sirippa varuthu!

  9. The Victorious.. Says:

    Yaaam petra inbam peruga ivvaiyagam 😉

  10. rahman Says:

    “so much to learn??” 😀
    that’s a good one!

    oh, you’re a fan of TR huh…sorry, I’m barking up the wrong tree here 🙂

  11. Pretty Says:

    ahahaha! loved the post.:)

    TR is ‘multi faceted’ or ‘multi fecated’ personality? sowwie for the pj, err…meant puke joke. 😀 But yeah, thanks to him for those good laughs.

  12. Zahra Says:

    Lolzzzz….that was an interesting read :D… am off to change my hairstyle!!
    And thanks for visiting Arbit and Asinine.:)


  13. The Victorious.. Says:


    Remember, you are talking to Agila ulaga TR rasigar mandra thalaivi


    😀 I hope everyone understands his service to the community

  14. The Victorious.. Says:


    It is better late than never.. LOL. And thanks to you too, for visiting here .. 🙂

  15. Reach Out For Skies Says:

    TR’nu namma ooru Warren Buffett’aa ???
    Kalakureenga Aaathaa

  16. rahman Says:


    Woah…sorry. 😀
    man I’m in major trouble 🙂

  17. The Victorious.. Says:

    @ Reach out
    Yaaaa…. Rendu perume peria ‘thalainga’


  18. Guru Says:

    Interesting Fact: TR is the wonly Kollywood ‘star’ to hold a Guinness record.

    He can snap his fingers continuously 24 x 7 with one hand and go about doing his normal work with his other.

    This is supposedly a Guinness record according to our tiger.

    If you haven’t already seen this video, you don’t deserve to be a T.R fan .. Ensaai ..;)

  19. Guru Says:

    Sorry check this video for the complete TR interview.

  20. The Victorious.. Says:


    Nandri.. Ippadi oru interview naan paathadle illai.. Thank u very much

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