To combat sleep after lunch

Gone are the days when I used to comfortably sit in the corner of my classroom and doze away to glory. Those afternoon classes, though seem irritating at first, are a bliss if handled by a lecturers who are not so bothered about sleeping students or those real bad ones, whose lectures are nothing but a waste of time.

There were classes where I don’t understand a single letter (yeah, single letters, those greek ones) and some professors whose sweet voice will put you to sleep. I was always very ‘strategic’ in choosing the locations in the class and if you have guessed it, you’re probably wrong because I prefer the middle row to the last. Though I remember many of my classmates getting caught sleeping, one even for yawning, I was fortunate enough to escape. My headscarf was probably the saviour or certainly it was. 🙂
Sleeping with eyes wide open is an art that I never mastered. I cannot sleep even if there is a tiny ray of light flashing from somewhere and a little bit of dust on the bed. But sleeping in the class never requires any of these conditions to be fulfiled. Even when the prof shouts with the microphone and even if there is a lot of buzz around me, I can happily sleep. Managing to sleep without getting caught is one skill that I learnt in those two years. But whats the point? I’m not able to apply my skills here.. 😀

But gone are the days. Gone, really. These days I have to struggle a lot to keep myself awake and find out different ways to stop myself falling asleep in my desk. Be it talking blah blah blah to walking here and there to staring at the empty space and I also innovate new ideas every day.

A nap after a wholesome meal is indeed a bliss and a great luxury which many of us can’t afford. (Forget about the belly that is going to accompany you in a while)


One Response to “To combat sleep after lunch”

  1. rahman Says:

    Yeah I know the feeling!
    I can’t do this anymore either. Back in my college days if I was really sleepy I could afford to go back to hostel and doze away to glory.

    Now, its either the boss who catches you falling asleep on the job, or your peers, or that nosy lady from the next department~!

    I miss college 😦

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