Its going to be almost two years since I’ve started blogging and it is a little strange to see that there isn’t a single post on the name of my blog! So, here I am, with my encounters with that great smelling, mouth watering, stomach filling B.I.R.I.Y.A.N.I!

First of all, let me confess that I am not a great fan of Biriyani. I do like that taste, but not as crazy as some of my friends and relatives. It takes a longer time to digest, and I can say hundreds of other reasons, but I dont wanna irritate some of the die hard fans of Biriyani here. 😉

Just like how some of our vegetarian eating friends are called ‘thayir sadham’, I was called ‘biriyani’ in my college by a girl. I liked being called that way, dont know for what reason though (btw, adhu ennamo therila, enna mayamo purila, chinna vaysilirundhae ‘payasam’, ‘pizza’ nu ore saapaadu pera patta pera iruku :p). Then there was my friend by the name Aishwarya, who always used to ask me for Biriyani right from the first year (kadaisi varaikkum avaluku naan kudukave illa, last time kadaile paathappo kaeta :p). So was the case in BIM. There wasn’t just one person, but a bunch of my friends who were very fond of it. I remember how one of my friends, when I told him that we eat non veg almost four to five days in a week, and worst case we atleast have egg and maasi (powdered tuna fish) said “adutha jenmathulayaachum Muslim a porakkanumda”

I very often see that people comsider “Muslim” as synonymous to biriyani. I wonder if it holds true. Yes, to an extent that we it is served in most of the wedding feasts, during Eid and when we treat someone in the house. To tell the truth, the speciality of Tamil speaking muslims are a few, very tasty dishes that aren’t known to many.

1. Neichoru or Ghee Rice: Well, it is not the typical ghee rice that one might have had in the restaurants, but a different one, with a unique taste, mostly accompanied by kari aanam (mutton gravy) or daalcha (like a sambhar, but with bones, instead of veggies). There is also another variant, which is called Thenga Choru, which tastes good with meen aanam (fish gravy), preferably a seer fish or vanjiram meen.

2. Vattalappam or Vandalappam: This is also called as egg pudding and is very famous amongst the Muslim population of not only Tamil Nadu, but also Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia.

3. Ottu Maavu: It is a combination of roasted rice powder (arisi maavu), egg, sugar and, I’m sorry I forgot what other thing go into it… Its texture resembles sand..

4. Thakkadi: It is like the kozhukatta, but a spicy one, soaked in a thick mutton or prawn gravy. This is also made from rice powder.

Appada, I’m tired. Solradhukke. Senja avlo thaan. There is idiyappam, aappam, puttu, arisi maavu roti, cheenipaniyam and lot more to add..

One day, I dream of cooking them all and posting the recipe here, with the photos, insha Allah. 🙂


6 Responses to “Biriyani”

  1. dobby Says:

    wow akka……u have a wonderful taste for food….I’ve tasted all those items listed above…..And u have given a beautiful description of all our dishes…And yes…I also dream of cooking them…But for now,I
    could cook only snacks and tiffin items only…

  2. the victorious.. Says:

    ha ha. thanks thangachi..:)
    sadly, many of our non muslim friends do not know much of our delicacies. and we are also a bit reluctant to give them all these since we do not know how they will like the taste. adhaan summavachum oru post podalamennu 😛

  3. hussain Says:

    nice to see vatalappam making its way to a blog on the google server ! Hail Vatalappam ! Good stuff …! 🙂

  4. Arun Sundar Says:

    Good to see somebody bringing out the Muslim cuisine specialties. You must be an ardent connoisseur of food.

  5. the victorious.. Says:

    @hussain, yeah, hail vattalappam 🙂

    @arun sundar, thanks for ur comments. 🙂 now that u know abt these kind of food, u can probably ask one of ur muslim frnds for them.. :)fyi, neichoru, unlike biriyani, is a vegetarian dish and goes well with daal .. 🙂

  6. SEYED Says:


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