I look back with fond memories..

I just have a week more to go in this lovely place.. I am not at all sentimental nor do I feel bad about leaving, but then I just felt like compiling some memorable incidents in the past two years.

If I had given a thought..

I dunno If I would have been here If I had given a though about a lot of things. But I’ m a little glad that I didnt think too much for two reasons. One for being here itself, two, I will never take any more decisions in life without thinking twice.

I remember the first few days when I was sick of this place and teriibly missing home. I hated somebody’s classes and developed an aversion to the subject itself. Now i realise how foolish I had been. Leaving that apart, I had a great time with my friends.

That was the time when it just started raining all over Tamil Nadu and Trichy was yet to be flooded. We went to kallanai after our midterm exam when the rain had stopped for sometime. The path to kallanai is sort of very dangerous since the roads are too narrow and aloof, though there are only tiny villages around. We somehow managed to reach there safely and we had a nice time munching steamed corn, mangoes, etc. And it started drizzling again and by the time we could get back to our vehicles, it was raining very heavily.

My friend who rode the bike cannot see properly without her glasses at the same time cannot ride the bike with the glasses due to the rain.(It is implied that I do not know to ride a bike). The rain drops hit us as though someone was pelting tiny stones at us. I could only remember the koundamani joke in chinnathambi where he asks his wife to tell him the direction in the bike as he cannot see in the night. But the way back home was not at all funny. We went in three bikes and both of them were missing, as in they had gone quickly than us. We stopped in a small shop nearby waiting for the rain to stop. It only got worse. We had no time to spare as it was getting darker so we decided to leave. By God’s grace, we all came back safely to the hostel and laughed over at it like hell.

But it was only after coming back that we realised that it was that rain which flooded kallanai due to which the pipeline for water supply to BHEL was broken, and a two day holiday was declared. Did we stop after that? Apparently no. All Chennaiites immediately planned for a trip to Chennai despite the warnings from our friends since many bridges on the way were broken due to the rain.

We booked a bus and around 10 of us left for Chennai. It all looked fine till we reached Peramablur. That was where the real problem was. The bridge was in a very bad condition and there was a big traffic. Our bus stopped for almost 5 hours and it left the place only in the early morning. That was a wonderful time we had in the bus where we talked right from local college gossips and ghost stories to terrorism, politics, etc. And that was when I realised that it is the guys who gossip a lot and talk a lot of ghsot stories than girls.

Then there was placements season, our senior’s treat and Sankar sir’s farewell. We were so scared of him and I remember once playing around with my seniors asking for the name of the director of the movie Anniyan when they were even scared to tell that. That was with my first year.

The second year started off well with Ice Breaker and Marwar. I am sure most of my juniors would have wondered what am I up to during that time since I was asking them to do a lot things like imitating somebody, etc etc. That was very memorable too.

Some of us decided to watch Imsai Arasan and went to the city without even booking the tickets. We found to our dismay that the tickets were not availabel and finally ended up watching a dumb movie called Uyir. My friends have still not forgiven me for that incident since it was my idea to watch Pulikesi.

Then there were exams, numerous visits to Malaikottai, Erumbeeshwarar temples, Azeez Biriyani, Thai and of course, placements. There wasnt much rain in 2006, and I hope that we receive good rain atleast this year, Insha Allah.

The trip to Kerala was also too good, but for me the best was my school tour only..

A walk after the dinner is a bliss and the tea time is the fun time here..

Sighs…Its almost over and I do not know If Im feeling bad for leaving this place or glad that I will be going home.

Whatever it is, I Will Be Missing BIM!!


One Response to “I look back with fond memories..”

  1. hussain Says:

    ….just got reminded of college ….sigh ! …

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