Veersamy Part 2

Readers are requested not to panic as there is no official information from Chimpu Cine services that there is going t0 be a sequel to Veerasamy.

I have tried to compile all the serious forwards that I have received on my mobile since the release of Veerasamy.

1. Public Notice from LIC: “WE will not pay for any claims for death after watching the movie Veerasamy. It amounts to suicide”
2. Michael Jackson attempted suicide after watching TR’s dance in the movie Veerasamy and he is admitted in Victoria hospital today morning.
3. Chimpu comes running and asks TR, ‘appa, appa naama mosam poittom” . TR “ennapa?”, Chimpu “veerasamy a Pogo channel a poda rights vaangitaanga pa”

And there are more…

Idha vida periya serious matter ennanna, Anandha Vikadan la vandha review. It usually gives marks for the movies in its review but for Veerasamy, no marks were given. Reason, “Paritchaikku marks podalaam, aana vishaparitchaikku???”

And the Friday Review of the Hindu said, “waste of space”!!


3 Responses to “Veersamy Part 2”

  1. Noemaun Ahmed Says:

    u r the biggest fan of veeraswamy as i can see.[:P]

  2. Noemaun Ahmed Says:

    another proud viewer

  3. நிரஞ்சன் Says:

    Very good compilation…. 🙂 neengalae unga thalaivar sangathukku leader-a irunthukittu ippadi pannalama sollunga?

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