Veerasamy…The Man of Action- A Must Watch!

We decided long back that we shoud watch his latest movie only in a theater and not in a thiruttu VCD. Amidst lots of classes and a very ‘busy’ schedule, we took the pains of travelling in a bus from BHEL to Chatram bus stand in Trichy only to watch our favourite comedian on the big screen , Veenaponasami.. errr..sorry, Veerasamy.

To our surprise, we found that the theatre was full, and most of them had come with the intention of watching a full time comedy movie after Imsai Arasan 23 aam Pulikesi. But my vote is only for TR’s movie, as i remember sleeping in Pulikesi. He never let any of us lay back on our seats, cuz the movie was full of many twists and turns.

We initially had a feeling looking at the crowd that they may be the ‘ardent’ fans of TR who are ready to sacrifice their lives by watching the movie. In a typical ‘thangachi sentiment’ scene , TR’s sister asks for a jeans pant and he says no since they were very poor ‘anaadhai’s once upon a time and they were brought up by an ‘aappakada aayah’, the entire crowd started clapping and whistling deeply moved by the ‘acting’ of TR. Ah! Moral of the story No:1, You should not buy jeans if you were brought up by an ‘aappakada aayah’. And we should also remember to forget about the heroine’s costumes.

Ah! How can I forget about the introduction of TR! Our hero is a MLA and he strives to fight corruption everywhere. You will see the rowdies being thrown away from a hut and when it finally explodes, you will see the Hero standing in a black and black costume. It is better for children and weak hearted people not to watch it alone.

There are many scenes which exhibit the creativity of our multi faceted personality who is the director, producer, music director, lyricist, tea kada payyan, etc etc in the movie. He is accompanied by his assistant Santhanam who always carried a handy cam for God knows what reason. May be he wants to tell the world that he is a tech savvy director!

The title says Mumtaz has a very different role in the movie, and she has done a great job by not showing even a little bit of terror in her eyes for acting with TR. In the movie she was fortunate enough to marry the villain and TR sings a sad song remembering the times he had spent with her. He looks into every little thing in his house which reminds him of her and then he takes a comb with which he ‘combs’ his thaadi . He remembers Mumtaz stealing the comb and kissing it which he later snatches away. He then combs his hair with the same comb in his own style and continues singing. Count how combs are there in this para and you will get a comb, used by TR for free. Only a creative person like TR can make you laugh so much in a sad scene.

The movie went on and on and ‘satrum manam thalaradha naanum en thozhigalum’ we were very stubborn that we will leave the theatre only after seeing the movie till the end. In the climax, since TR has not fulfilled his promise and lets his sister marry to her lover, he was questioned by the family to whom he has given ‘vaaku’ and he dies falling on the chair. The entire crowd clapped happily for this scene and started leaving thinking that the movie was over. But it was not. Mumtaz also dies immediately and the audience gave a standing ovation and left the theatre satisfied for having watched a comedy movie after a long time.

Sollama Vandha Adhu Tsunami
Sollittu Vandha Adhu Veerasami!


5 Responses to “Veerasamy…The Man of Action- A Must Watch!”

  1. Raghu Says:

    ada ppavi. Ipdi manasaatchiye illama review yezhudhara

  2. Noemaun Ahmed Says:

    woww. trippy review. very well written. 😀

    i m advertising this post to all my friends. 🙂

    we are all dying to see this movie too. and this review is a nice motivation 😛

  3. pithan Says:

    Agila ulaga TR rasigar mandra MBA pirivu ulaga thalaivi, Tamil naatin varungala puratchi puyal, america janathipathy, Kolgai murasu, pore vaal, Tahdai vaikatha TR, Akka faiza vaazhga Vaazhga

  4. the victorious.. Says:

    adhenna manasatchiye illamaezhudarennu appadi sollittinga?? TR ku evlo periya manasu irundha nammala sirikka vekkanumngra ore kaaranathukkaha thannayae ivlo kevalapaduthittu nadippar? adha paarattama…

    please see this movie asap, preferably in a theatre.. and thanks a lot for advertising my post to your frnds, u r entitled to receive the ‘comb’ TR had used in the movie.. please claim it from his son chimpu, u can find him hanging on the trees near you..

    @ senior Ajoy
    mikka mikka nandri senior avargale.. Rasigar mandrathirku ningaldaan (adhaan kolgai parappu seyalalar) !!!

  5. wild roze Says:

    wowowow!! cool comments man!! haha! hey! u remember me?? nazreen.. from orkut.. wat happened to ur orkut man??

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