another dream..

I’m not obsessed with dreams, but I like dreaming a lot.. and this unexplainable feeling when I get a good dream in the previous night’s sleep.. but getting a good dream is just not in our hands..

Dreaming..Isn’t it one of the miraculous aspects of a human being’s life? You feel very much in the place of your dreams, you breathe, live, speak, and may even have another dream in your dream..

Its all fine till you have a ‘sweet’ dream.. You feel fresh and good the whole day. I mostly see babies in my dream and obviously, it feels so good when you think about it the next day. I have even had some very beautiful dreams about beaches and places filled with nature.

And there are also ‘bad’ dreams or nightmares.. I have had a couple of them too. Like a “marma desam” paatti chasing me in a haunted house, getting trapped in an unknown place, and a few more unpleasant ones.

The next kind is sonething which does not fall into either of the category. You get a strange feeling after getting up from sleep, or you are constantly reminded of something which you are unable to figure out. I had one such a dream recently and i’m just trying to find what it means. I try interpreting my dreams and a quite a lot of dreams convey some kind of a message. But I understand it very late. Only when I encounter something similar to what I see in my dream, I will understand them.

I recently had a funny dream about thoughtlessly entering into a ship which goes to Doha with my friends. And only after the ship starts sailing I understand that I dont have a passport, so I decide to get down at Tirunelveli port.. What a funny dream! But I was pretty much disturbed after waking up. I got this dream when I was at home for the holidays and I just didnt want to come back to the hostel… I dunno what it means, but all I know is that I’m terribly homesick!!

I have even had dreams like Ajith teaching me how to ride a sports bike (and remember i dont even know how to ride a cycle!!) and I remember getting nicely from my mom for having said this laughing in front of my grandmother.

Now how should I conclude this post?? I dunno. I may be dreaming, a dream which has no end.


One Response to “another dream..”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i like nightmares. when you get up in the morning, you feel so nice that reality is so much beautiful. i like thriller dreams too as they go at a fast pace. i like romantic ones too, as real life does not hold much romance for me. but i dont like sad ones, gives you a feeling of insecurity.

    but still dreams are much better than reality and enjoy them a lot. 🙂

    ajith teaching you to ride a bike and you getting scolded by your mom for that. hehe, of all people ajith. lol

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