A Dream: The Journey….

Imagination. Left to you, again. Be it anything. It is a dream for a cute little thing. It was dreaming since it doesn’t know when. Or it didn’t really realise that it was dreaming. A dream to cross the ocean, break the barriers climb up and up the mountain and hoist its flag. A flag which talks about millions of others dream.

The path was long. The journey was tiring. Journey across mountains, woods, rivers, so on and on… It has to cross several of this. It will reach the place where it can hoist its flag only after crossing three big mountains. A river gushing with full force may be crossed in order to reach the destination easier. It was no shortcut, in fact a longer than usual. Remember, reaching the destination is never so easy.

The thing didnt walk alone. It has a lot of other things of its kind nearby walking along with it. When it decided to run, in order to reach there faster, other things said no.

Time for the thing to climb the first mountain. Sadly, it didnt know how to climb. With the help of the others, it somehow managed to climb, though not very fast. As it climbed, it gained speed and therefore it quickly finished climbing up and down the first mountain.

The things around it thought its journey was over. But it isn’t. ITs all set to cross the next big mountain. And it did. Then crossed the river, amidst wild weather. Again, the journey was not over. It ambitiously wanted to cross the next mountain and reach the place where it wants to be.

Surprised were the other things. How can this little thing can even think of crossing a mountain which is beyond the boundaries which is sure to be dangerous??

Apparently, the little thing didnt give it up. It started climbing the big big mountain, though it faced difficult times on its way, it never gave up. And finally, there came a place where it wanted to be.

The place was full of doors. You can knock as many as you want, but knocking the right thing is very important. Once the door opens for you, you will stop knocking the other doors. And so it started knocking. It could access only four doors and so it did. The first three didnt open at all..

Sad was the thing. It knew it shouldn’t be sad, but it was.

With all its power and might it knocked at the fourth door and it opened into a beautiful road, colourful, full of fruits and flowers on its way, yet a bit treacherous cuz it is unexplored by a thing of its kind.

With a happy happy mind and body, it knows, the journey has not ended, but has just begun…..


4 Responses to “A Dream: The Journey….”

  1. dummustani Says:

    what mokkai…appaah

  2. Anonymous Says:

    as it proceeded to pick up “the” apple, it was bit by a cobra. everything around it started spinning. it got really worried. is it the end of the journey, it wondered?

    but soon things stopped spinning. it then consumed the apple of immortality. but did it need the apple?

    can dreams ever die?

  3. dummustani Says:

    dooode.. why’dya quit orkut??

  4. Anonymous Says:

    btw did u notice that i have added ur blog to my blog list.

    keep blogging. eager to read new ones.

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