This year, this time..

Apparently this post is continued from “Last year this time”.

Things have been so different for me since the beginning of this year. The most obvious difference being I have stopped putting mokkai like before. I’m quite surprised at myself when my seniors ask me about my mokkai sessions in college. I HAVE REDUCED PUTTING MOKKAI!!!! Enna koduma saravanan idhu???????????????

Let me think of the reason behind this. Though mokkai podaradhu is my inherent capability (strategic management padichadhukku idhu thaan micham!) and will not reduce even if I become a mother of 3 children, last year was the peak stage in my MLC (Verenna, Mokka Life Cycle thaan, now dont ask me if mokka has a lifecycle!!). And it may be due the kind of pressure I was facing in BIM.. especially those ‘D’ series classes (avaru sishyargal ellam enna mannichirunga!!)

His classes used to be very very hi-fi that more than comprehending, it was “deciphering” his lectures for me.. The classes wud would stretch for hours together and seem like eternity… Ippadi oru classla irundhu veliya vandha, pressure thaanga mudiyama thaanaa mokka vandhudum!!!! For example, when i see anyone i know on the BIM street, i wud just not bother about anything else, but say , for example. “nandy.. nee kudichiya brandy…???@@!!!”.. And imitating him goes without saying..

Naangale class eppada mudiyumnu wait pannitrundha, he will start his MLC again; adhavadhu, “when I was in 5th standard…”, eppo, nyt 9.30 ku (on that fateful day, class started at 3pm!) and went on for an hour and left us at 10.30 (am illa, pm thaan!)

Ippadiye poitrundha, pressure la manda vedichu, mokka varadha??? So much was the power of my mokkai that people run away from me only because of my mokkai..

Now that there is no pressure, there is no mokkai even. Infact, I’m thinking of some mokkai to feature here, but its ust not happening..When my seniors ask me about the MQ (mokkai quotient) , I have no answer for them. 😦

SO naa mokka podadhadhu nalladha kettadha?? i dont know….

For those who don’t understand what mokkai means contact me, or i will tell the meaning with its etimology. And for those vetti others, count the number of ‘mokkai’s in this post, I will send you some of my mokkai sessions via mail.


6 Responses to “This year, this time..”

  1. Sharique Says:

    Ah half the post is in tamil..couldn’t understand. BTW what is mokkai?

  2. the victorious.. Says:

    soon i will write an article about mokkai in wiki.. he he.. anyways, it means, a dumb or may be a witty meaningless joke, small talk, etc etc…

  3. Sharique Says:

    oh ok..but why wiki..its a tamil word right? or something that evolved?

  4. the victorious.. Says:

    i believe its a word that evolved… well, u need to knw a bit of tamil to understand its etimology..lolz…

  5. PyRo Says:

    Good reading! 🙂

  6. messiah Says:

    oye motta kathi…enna mokkaiya avamana paduthura…naama ellam mokkai podurathukune porandhavunga…thats one of our purpose of existance…

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