Its Ramadhan!

Yes, it has been 12 days since the Holy month of Ramadhan has begun when the Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world fast from dawn to dusk to seek the blessings from the Almighty Allah.

It is during this month the Holy Quran was revealed to the last messenger of God, prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him).

I remember this Holy month when i was in school. I was in 3rd standard when I first tried fasting and found it too difficult. I dont remember what happened when I was in 4th, but in the consequent years I used to fall sick exactly at the time of Ramadhan. I was continuously falling a prey to wheezing, cold, caugh, and the worst case was when I got admitted into the hospital for typhoid in one year and dengue in the next year (that time I was in my high school.) . I infact lost hope that I felt fasting would only be a dream.

I prayed to the Almighty Allah to give me all the courage to perform the obligation and enjoy the blessings in this month. I beleived I can do it, and yes I did, Maasha Allah. So its only
after coming to college that I started fasting properly. And this is where I really wann say something.

My school is a Muslim minority Institution and that was where i learnt about Islam. I spent 14 years there, right from my KG to higher secondary. Apparenlty, 95% of the girls in my school were muslims so practising Islam was never a problem for us.

But Ethiraj was so different to me. That was te first time in my life I was amidst so many non muslims and I was infact a bit scared in the first few months. There were also a couple of my school friends who said that I would be treated indifferently since I am a muslim. That is certainly, not the truth. I studied in the evening college and the timings were really cool. We used o have only 3 hours of college, it starts at 2.45 and ends by 5.45. But during Ramadhan, we were allowed to leave half an hour earlier. I was really impressed. That was when i really felt the fraternity that our religion preaches and also the values of our Indian society. I go back home happily to break my fast and therfore, fasting was never difficult to me.

Now I’m in BIM. In the hostel. In a place where there are only 3 muslims. Getting food for sahar is a great challenge to us. But our friends are amazing. They are simply superb. I see so many of them asking me what I eat and whether i need any help. Needless to say about our warden Ma’m, Saranya and apparenlty Flames (thats our gang!!). Ma’m prepared rasam for us, Gayathri made egg gravy, Nandy had lent me her cooker, and Goki did a big shopping with me for this! And there is also TV and Maha who asked me if they can cook for us.

I’m really glad. I’m grateful to Allah for having me born as an Indian. This is the spirit of India, Indians. Now i “feel” the meaning of the phrase “Unity in Diversity”. Above all, we are humans. Brothers and sisters, created by one God, the Almighty.


7 Responses to “Its Ramadhan!”

  1. Sharique Says:

    Ah this is exactly what happened with me. I never had the opportunity to keep all the rozas because my mother won’t let me do it because of studies. But when i joined college, i had the freedom to do anything. And plus its a lot easier to be a muslim among non-muslims 🙂 and you know the reason why? because you are constantly reminded of things you cannot do. I have lived all my life in a non-muslim locality and i also have this gut feeling that muslims who are born and raised in muslim majority localities are not as pious as compared to who are not. This is purely based on my experience and my interaction with people.
    I will feature this article on with few paras from my side.

  2. the victorious.. Says:

    @ sharique

    very true, bro.. i agree with you, especailly with “because you are constantly reminded of things you cannot do” .. its the striking reality. i strive to identify myself as a muslim, and my non muslim friends accept me as however i am…
    and thanks for offering to feature this on indian muslims..

  3. Arafat Says:


    Ramzan Kareem

  4. Jasche Says:

    You keep talkin a lot about religion dont you ? I am an atheist.

    Infact when I was at college I fasted the whole month, following everything that I was supposed to.
    There were a few Muslim friends of mine and to talk anything of the support we had from the other friends would be just an understatement.

    Letting you be whatever you are, is the best thing about India. You dont really have to strive to maintain your identity do you ??

  5. the victorious.. Says:

    @ jasche
    by striving to identify myself as a muslim means a lot of things. islam is just not a religion, its the way of life,..i brk my fast wen the class is going on. unless and until i fast, i cannot ask for a perm from my prof.. thats wat i mean by the above statement. hope u got tat ryt.

  6. Jasche Says:

    think you got me wrong here..
    frget it n chill


  7. Anonymous Says:


    reminds me of the old JEE days when i used to leave a jam packed class for 120 students climbing benches to come outside and break my fast. there were countless occasions during classes, exams etc when i had to leave due to my faith.

    but still i dont agree that it is as good as being with muslim company as u dont have to be different from the group.

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