Power of the Power(less)ful????

hey all, this post is not a continuation of the previous one……

Ever wondered about the power of the media???? They are at thier best in shaping the ideologies of the people. Ever wondered how? See any damn ad, movies or even the books and novels. I don really have to qoute a few from these, when you can sense the general attitude of the West vested with the complete power of moulding the way people think. Every good guy in a movie is an American. Every curse is a Russian. Or anybody else. Shaping their attitude. Their way of life. How these evils spread like a cancer, even without our knowledge.

If you dont drink cocoa cola, you are not fit to on planet earth. Wearing Levis jeans is fashionable. If u dont have one, you are a dirt. Burgers and pizzas are the only edible food available in this globalised world, that too the ones from Mc Donalds and Pizza Hut.

You read any fiction, take Da Vinci code, a perfect “faction”which can confuse an ordinary reader who does not know anything about Christianity or Islam. That book not only hurt the sentiments of Christians, but also that of Muslims. This apart, though the entire story happens in France, the prof is an American, the only one who can help Sophie to unveil the secret. Bullshit!

There was yet another program which was telecasted recently on CNN IBN. It was something about Bin laden. A lady voice in the program keeps talking about “how religious this guy is, how much he practices Islam” and stuffs like that. Ultimately the message conveyed was “a religious guy is a terrorist”.

Watch any damn news channel, any crime a muslim fella has commiitted they say “….a muslim guy has murdered someone”. This happens especially in the Tamil newschannels. Whatever it is, a criminal is a criminall. If he murders someone, he should be identified as a murderer and as a guy belonging to a particular religion.

Do we ever call Abdul Kalam a muslim scientist???? Never. So why does it happen when a muslim named guy commits a crime? Call him a criminal. SO we are tagged here.
Now, if someone raises their eyebrows about the 12 Indians being detained, come on, the media is not doing any big favour to this community by calling them Indians.

Hell with the media. Hell with the Western Governments.

Forget that all together. Come to the movies. Now I’m not gonna talk anything about “getting tagged”, but something else.

How these innocent school children are falling into the trap of infatuation. hell with the movies and their romantic songs. They show the reality in how school children are getting spoilt, they claim it is a lesson to the parents. Bullshit! But they show how children fall in love, (if u have seen “kai vandha kalai”, “thulluvadho ilamai” u will know). The (unscrupulous) scenes from the movies are shown quite often on the television. Children see this. They feel what s wrong in doing all this nonsense., they justify their mistakes, finally they end up in a disaster. Even that is justified in movies.

What about “Power Rangers”, the western type “shakthimaan” on Jetix???? All throughout the day the same serial is telecasted. Children are hooked to the televsion. One boy studying in 9th standard attempted like these heroes whihc took him to the grave in Tamil Nadu. What are these serial aiming at???? Violence. Kindle th eviolence among children. Make them feel that blood and fire are not something unusual. Wipe away the childishness in them. Finish. What will happen to the innocence of the children???

Hell with our ignorance!



10 Responses to “Power of the Power(less)ful????”

  1. As If Says:

    Well put there is this serious tagging going on and has increased manifold in the last few year. Can anything be done about this?

    Was looking to write something on this topic for long time, especially after the Bombay blast and the Dutch arrests, but wanted to cool down a little lest I loose control.

  2. karim Says:

    hey…nice post!

  3. Aravind Raghu Says:

    good post man i have read a lot of blogs on this muslims being tagged…i agree to what you say…crime committed is crime committed and who ever does it shud be punished…

  4. imayavan Says:

    gud view…
    I second you…when it comes media being the culprit…
    they just want to sell the news…

    i have another info…
    we feel that the crime rate has increased in the recent past when compared to the earlier times..
    but stats show that…the crime rate has decresed when compared to the earlier times…

  5. Arafat Says:

    Faiza.. thats a Genuine Concern.
    Good that you put it across

  6. Unite Muslims Says:

    Salam brothers & sisters from India,

    I don’t know how to contact the IndianMuslim.in site So I thought I’ll post here since your a contributer their and please tell them about this

    I thought this news will interest you. I don’t know whether you heard this, but if you haven’t- India has banned Arab TV channels due pressure from Israel. Check

    India Bans Arab TV Channels Under Pressure From Israel

    I have posted my views on this matter at my blog too.

    Jazakkallah in your efforts in reviving Indian Muslims.

  7. Vasudev Udhatya Says:

    Well Written… God knows who earns out of creating these wrong notions amongst people.. Media is surely to be blammed.. but for whose benefit is media doing all this? there should be someone’s vested interest.. whose vested interest is there could be your next probable blog..

  8. Jasche Says:

    revolutionary and amateur.. think i liked the other posts better..

    anything NEW and NEWS is money..
    Thulluvatho ilamai was a big hit remember ?? kadhal ?? a school girl running away with a mechanic wow!!! and the movie was critically acclaimed …

    Everyone knows about whats happenin around …. THINK ?? ha ha … Everyones thinking thats why no one’s bothered!!

    Ethics, are you by it ?? I am not.. coz i am after something else..

  9. Jaffar Says:

    gud one… weather ppl accept it or not this is reality.

  10. Jaffar Says:

    hey unite muslims… link doesnt work… if true…. where is the freedom of speech…

    Newayz… its not new that our politicians act as a puppets of others though…

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