Last year this time…

I have a habit of recalling what happened on a particular day (if it is worth recalling) the previous year. I was thinking of the situation I was in, exactly a year ago.. It was so different than what it is now, or rather I’m so different from what I was last year. The reason being obvious that I was homesick.

When my parents left me here on the first day of college, I was not feelin that bad, though I burst out into tears when my granny started weeping. I was alright by the time they left and got ready for the classes the next day. I felt like I had come to some kind of a camp or an excursion. Apparently, I was not serious about studies too (aama MBA nna jolly a irukkum, padikkave vendamnu nenchittu vandhadhu en thappu). We were given cases which were not less than 5 pages every night and i get up in the morning with the fear of getting caught for not reading the case (naama dhaan samalichittom la..)!

Then came the ragging session of the seniors which made me feel even more sick. It was the first time in my life of getting ragged and i dont really know whether i liked it or not. I was so much detached and infact i determined that I wud leave this institution forever. (appuram Sir veettukku call panni samadhanappaduthi anuppi vechadellam periya kadha!).

I was somehow trying to get acquainted with this place but in vain. I used to desperately calculate the number of holidays and wait for going home. But i started faling in love wit the place after a coupla months and I was infact feeling sad for leaving for chennai to do my interns.

I enjoyed at home for more than two months, feeling the warmth of my family and of course, great food. (Friend oruthan kaettan, “ethana kozhi saagadicha???” nu) … I’m that much a non veg freak. Movies and shopping and eating were the only things I was doing apart from my interns.
Towards the fag end of my holidays, I started feeling butterflies in my stomach yet decided not to cry when I board the train. But nallave imagine panniituu irunden, “train la yeridhanum, naan mmava paaka, avanga enna paakka, ore azhugaya varum, appuram namma friend Jaya pakkathla poi azhalamnu” … ha ha.. God knows how much I was smiling when I saw my BIM friends and started chatting wit them.

Ippo thaan comedy ae..

………….continued in the next post………….


4 Responses to “Last year this time…”

  1. Chicken 65 Says:

    A beauty of a blog….waiting for the next episode.

  2. sandy Says:

    most of things wer in tam..some i did undersatnd few i dint but u narrated well…

  3. indscribe Says:

    why don’t u write regularly?

  4. pithan Says:

    Last year by this time u became very famous by your “Dandanaka” slang in the stage…

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