Its been a month long since i scribbled anything here.. With summers and stuffs, m fully obsessed with the job, not exactly about the job, but about gettinn ready, comin to office, doin somethin, dragging the day, waitin to lave home and sleep, get up again, and do the same stuff everyday..So my mind is blank! I’m just not thinking about anything.. But somewhere in the corner i wanted to write bout something… and yo!! Why not about Pudupet?! The placewhere i hail from?The moment i say I’m from Pudupet, the immediate reaction of people wud b “Oh, where is it?” or for those who really know about it wud say “Oh Pudupet a? Thiruttu bike kedaikkume!!”…Adappavigala…. In order to avoid such comments, I generally say I’ve put up near Egmore.
But that doesn’t work many times. When i say m from Egmore, they will start askin me, “Oh, where near Egmore? Rajaratnama Stadium or Montieth road or Alsa Mall or Pantheon road?” (Adhaan sonnomla, “near egmore”nu, appuram yen thuruvu thuruvi kaekkure). Then i will have to give up and finally say I’m from Pudupet!!
Apart from stolen bikes and stuffs, there is also a misconception that Pudupet is a rowdy dominated area. Phew!! Ivanga karpanaikku oru alave illaya? I stil remember when i was ragged in my college. A “panel” of seniors were sitting in the volley ball court and started asking me a lot of questions like where i studied, the year of passing of some banking Act and stuffs. And came the question, of course, where do i stay in Chennai.. Where else? I said “Pudupet” and two of them started running away from the place. Of course, it was meant to be funny but that was the moment i really started feeling, “Hmmm,pudupet periya edam thaan!!”. So why should i feel bad about residing in such an area? I can scare away two guys (!!???) in a
moment’s tym by uttering the name of this area!!And it is the time for me to talk high about this place. Apparently, it has its own disadvantages of a typical Chennai area, but let me list the following advantages of this place and it is for u to decide!!
1. It is close to spencers and all nthe happening theatres like Satyam, Devi (ugh..not really), etc, etc and reach there by paying 15-25 Rs max.
2.You can also reach the marina beach at a nominal auto fare of Rs.25.3.Even Nungambakkam is not far from reach and you can go there by paying Rs.25 to 30 and have a nice tym at Ispahani, Barista, Mocha, Movenpick, etc etc
4.IT is the Heart of the city!!! One can go to the South Chennai, Adyar by paying 55-60 Rs and also North Chennai like Vyasarpadi by paying the same amount.
5.Its is not only close to the Egmore railway station but also Central. It is the same Rs.20 distance by an auto!!
6.Oops, the spare parts and remodelled bikes.!! All the trendy,sporty bikes used by the stars in the movies are from Pudupet!!And I havent really spoken about the history of “Kayalan Kadais”. Kayalpattinam is the place in the Tuticorin district and people from there had migrated and settled down in Chennai doing “Irumbu kadai” business which is later on called “Kayalan kadai” !!So guys, now what more you want from this place? And now I will proudly tell the entire world- “I AM FROM PUDUPET!!”


8 Responses to “Pudupet”

  1. balaji Says:

    hi good name for a blog..and..yeah..”enge area ulla varadhe”..your area has become more popular all over tamil nadu..

  2. venkatesh Says:

    u know wat…i suffer from the same problem…when I tell people tht Im put up @ Aminjikarai there is a scorn tht comes across their face…”U mean near the vegetable market?”…Jeez! Some people!

  3. the victorious.. Says:

    @ balaji
    yeah it has become very popular all over, but m gonna sue selvaragavan for spoiling the reputation of our area in that song! šŸ˜‰

    hmmm, wat shall we do to them? any ideas? do u have any suggestions?

  4. Jasche Says:

    Orkutle erunthu ‘U’ turn eduthu vanthen, ethe mathiri rendu moonu peruthu padichen… en bloge delete pannidalmonu kude thonuthu..

    rombe nalla flow .. azhagha ezhuthareenge, milda oru comedy track vere.. kalakunge..

    ana oru passing thought, neenge religiousa erukalam ana athukage Allave ella edathukkum koopidarathu venamennu thonuthu..

    like I said js a passing thought
    meendum varuven!!!

  5. Aravind Raghu Says:

    i am going to be no different..pudupettaaaa!!!!

    saw the movie pudupettai…i have got quite a picture of that area now…

  6. Vasudev Udhatya Says:

    Pudhupettai’s popularity starts with the great Commerce Institute(Typing/Shorthand/Accountancy) which is im/next to the pudupettai church.Then comes the world famous 2nd hand motor bike shops.Thirdly Pudhupettai’s claim to fame is the set created in Illaya Thalapathy’s “Thirumalai” and finally the film Pudhupettai.ippo lan google search potta pudhupettai film ku dan match kudukudhu.. šŸ˜¦

  7. Jaffar Says:

    wow… wow… wow.. i didnt know abt “kayalan kadai”. Gud to know the definition of “Kayalan Kadai”

  8. satsultan Says:

    hai i am sultan now in pudupet. i am very proud because in my area opp. to court constrution goingon ie. ‘5’ STAR HOTEL.

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