OK, first of all, this not anythin about the normal, oops, again an irony, a surprise in the context what anyone normally tends to think. May be a bunch of roses or a bag full of chocolates for a girl and uhh..(i’m really not sure about guys…)

The surprise that I’m talking is about people.. “People are always full of surprises”- i came across this phrase in an awesome novel called “Leaving Eden” where a girl with high dreams has a rule book and writes all that she learns from people. I was wondering about the validity of the statement (MBA has definitely taught me to use terms like this~!!) and i found that it holds 100% true.

You will never know when a person, who is so close to will act strange and weird. IT might not be strange for them and they might think they are ok. But u c urself left with a tinge of pain when things change with atht person…. Again, I would say its all because of one’s expectations. Till you don’t expect anything from the other person, you are safe. The moment you see you’re expectations are not fulfilled, ?????

Does that mean you should not trust people? How dumb of an idea. Now how to strike a balance???? Its one question which i keep pondering over many times. I tried digging deep into it n find a solution…

I strongly believe that a person’s success depends upon how strong he is in conquering the hearts of people. Hitler and Bush may be successful with respect to accomplishment of their objectives(??!!) You might see people being so obedient with you because you demand respect from them but when you turn your back, they are happy that they are relieved of you. Again, how can you measure your success? Will you be happy that you got what you wanted from them?
If I had been like that, I would never be, of course, I would have hated a thing like that. But I find to my surprise that people of that kind really do exist!!! So when you come across them, and you see yourself that you’re helpless, all you can do is to grit your teeth and say “How can people ever be like this?”

Right, those kinda people are happy in their own sense. They, according to their principles are right. So each and every individual is distinct. At times, you might feel you can predict the behaviour of a person and you may be right fully. But to your surprise, they might not be the way you thight them to be..

Now, what is the solution..??? You understand two things…
1. People are full of surprises
2. So don’t expect anything from them…

This, according to me, will strenghthen relationships and then YOU ARE THE REAL CONQUEROR!!!


2 Responses to “Surprises….”

  1. life-miracle Says:

    mmmmmm i hv only one change..expect but be ready to accept anythin….instead of dont expect coz thats not human nature

  2. . . A . d . e . L . . Says:

    “Surprises .. Surprises: Good or Bad “

    Wen my younger brother waz jus on the spree of learning how to run, he often used to take a tumble. And sometimes, he would just fall down a bit hard and thou he was not really hurt, the shock of the accident would bring him literally to the “edge of tears” ( 🙂 ).
    And at these times we wud try to diffuse this situation wit the brk of silence by saying, “ Ohhhhh !!! That was a bad SURPRISE !! ”, Eventually he wud stop to think over tis for a moment, further more, concluding with an agreement, would forget abt the fall, will get back up and ultimately start running again.

    Basically, the young life is just full of “ surprises “ nd for mst children today, the surprises are just too gud to thhem — a chocolate, holiday or a birthday gifts, a birthday party, seein a butterfly for the first time, etc etc. Lifes just bursting wit possibility and potential, for a child.

    n fact things happen as we get older. Thats sad actually , as we become not so much risk averse rather become surprise averse [ ;( ].
    “ I don’t like surprises – good or bad ” my senior manager once had told. “Whaaat? , was jus wondering who doesn’t like good surprises?”. In fact it is absolutely true. Its not tht we dn’t like to get or hear a good news, but it is disappointing at times wen things dn’t seem to turn out as we ‘d expect, even thou expectedly when they turn out better, because our delusion is spoiled that we are in – control of our lives.

    Indeed, it turns out that wen u are avoiding surprises eventually u are successful at avoiding life.. Right isn’t it ???. When the reality is faced , life throws things to us which is beyond your control or min e !! ADMIT IT ????

    ” –The imprtance of bein pro-active “ — these advices from pundits, ignores the fact that the expanding universe is already well in motion.
    –We cannot help but react., However, we can choose how we react.

    If am not mistaken there is an old phrase every one mite be familiar of,
    –“If life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” — “ Dance in the chance “ –“cycle gap le auto otu .. 😉 “ hehe….
    Now, what is the solution..??? You understand two things… surprise can be gud or bad !!!
    1. Be prepared for the unexpected.
    2. It’s all unexpected.


    ..—-inspired by U and Baum MD–..

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