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December 12, 2008

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Universal Brotherhood

December 7, 2008

Black or white, English or Tamil, Chinese or Arab all stand shoulder to shoulder, exhibiting the true spirit of brotherhood.

Eid Mubarak!

ஹஜ்ஜு பெருநாள் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்


November 27, 2008

Ya Allah!! I sincerely hope that this should be the last post I write on the ruthless act of terrorists. Since 2003, our country has lost 600 precious lives in these incidents.

The situation is still worse: several people are held hostage in hotels. Let us all pray for those battling for lives in the hosptials and hotels. Aameen.


Among those who were killed is the ATS Chief Hemant Karkare, who was investigating the Malegaon case.

During the Malegaon investigation, Karkare had told his officers not to create false evidence, saying, “We should do our job and it is for the court to decide.” Incidentally, the Pune ATS on November 26 reportedly received phone calls threatening to blow up the residence of Karkare “within a couple of days”.


Bravo to all the police officials who have lost their lives in this battle between humans and beasts.



Al-Qur’an 2:155-156

إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

Who say, when afflicted with calamity: “To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return”


Idhula eppadinnae eriyeeem, pongannaee!!!

November 26, 2008

There were a few moments in my life when I’ve felt very bad for not knowing Hindi. One was when little Pari, the daughter of one of our classmates said something to me which I didn’t understand and the other happens whenever I see Lalu Prasad talking something on TV.

Now, for all those who don’t know Tamil, I wish you all did only to understand this hilarious comedy. When my aunt played this in her mobile, our whole house was almost trembling in laughter.

Golden words to pick up:

  1. Komutti Thalaya
  2. ‘Cuppu’
  3. ‘Mantilll’
  4. ‘All in all alaguraja’
  5. ‘Kooda vechurukkavangalukkellam light kudukradhilla’
  6. ‘tttoooinnnggg toootttoooinnng’ 

For all those who know, ENJOY!!

Hate someone?

November 21, 2008

How many of us manage to go to bed without the least amount of contempt and outrage against anyone? Almost all of us have a list of people whom we hate along with the ones we love. If not a list, we will all still carry a memory of an incident which we never want to forgive and forget, and will always keep the contempt alive. I was no exception.

Forgiveness is a quality that many of us lack. Close your eyes and think for a while, is there any day in your life on which you have not erred? To err does not mean to hurt someone, even wasting water while brushing your teeth when our brothers and sisters have to walk miles to get a pot of water is a sin. How many of us have forgotten to return a friendly smile from a house maid or a known street hawker in a hurry? Is there anyone who has not backbited anything about their friends/relatives in lives? But when the same thing is done to us, we feel cry that we were backstabbed and we curse them and determine that we will never forgive them.

When we realise our sins, we ask forgiveness from the Almighty Allah. We want Him to forgive us even if we had done the worst of sins like forgetting the prayers, backbiting, disobedience to parents, etc. Let us see what Allah subhana wa ta’a says in the Quran about forgiveness:

“Be quick in the forgiveness from your Lord, and pardon (all) men – for Allah loves those who do good.”
[Surah ali Imran; 3:133-134]

To forgive does not mean one is weak. One has to be courageous enough to overcome his emotions in order to forgive a person.

“But indeed if any shows patience and forgives that would truly be an exercise of courageous will and resolution in the conduct of affairs.”
[surah 42:43]

 We have lots to learn from the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) on forgiveness.

There was an old lady who used to throw rubbish in his way every day, on one occasion she did not throw rubbish in the street, so he decided to go and see what was the matter. She was ill in bed, to her amazement, the Messenger of Allah (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) came to see her and find out about her.

She accepted Islam.

This is the example of the man whom we claim to follow. Thumamah, as the chief of his tribe had killed many Muslims. On his travels, he was caught by the Muslim soldiers and was taken to the Prophet’s masjid and tied to one of the pillars. The Messenger of Allah (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) commanded his companions to untie him and give him the best food. The Messenger of God (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) was indeed a mercy for the worlds.

Trust me, life becomes amazingly easy when you leave off all the hatred and contempt that you have towards people. When you realise that what you do should only be to please the Almighty Allah Subhana wa ta’la, you will stop expecting people to be grateful to you. Your expectations fail you when you try to please the humans, instead serve the human kind to please Allah, you will reach the level of peace and happiness that never can  be explained.

My attitude towards life has changed immensely, Alhamdhulillah after reading such articles on what Allah says about forgiveness in the Quran and how our beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) has showed to be patient even in adverse situtations. The life our Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) contains a perfect lesson for the entire mankind, not restricted to Muslims alone.

PS: I was highly inspired to writed this after seeing a thread on this topic in an orkut community.


November 16, 2008

Samaikka theriyuma?


Alhamdhulillah (All Praise and Thanks to the Almighty Allah subhana wa ta’ala), I had been able to successfully prepare lunch on my own!! 😀 😀

I was alone at home and had the whole kitchen for myself! My vaappa brought home a kg of chicken and I planned to make something out of it. Since I have never seen my mom making any chicken recipes, I thought of looking for some in the net. But all were too high fundoo for me and I called up my aunt for a simple chicken recipe. She immediately told me what to do and I tried it, Alhamdhulillah, I was able to make it and it did taste good!!

I will quote my friend Mrs.Abitha, the proud mother of Siddharth: “machan, kandippa samaikka kathukko da, yenna yaar saapdrangalo illiyo, namma samayala naama thaan saapdanum”  (macha, please learn to cook since you HAVE to eat what you cook). She did make a lot of sense! 😉

PS: Recipe- take 2-3 tomatoes, 1 onion, 2 green chillies, an inch of ginger, two garlic cloves and grind them in a blender. Heat oil in a pan and fry some onions, add this grounded mixture, add masalas of your choice-garam, chilli powder, turmeric  and two tablespoons of coriander powder, some salt and cook till it comes to a nice boil. Add the chicken pieces and allow it to cook in a medium flame.

Trichy days

November 13, 2008

Trichy, as some of you may know is a city of temples. While there are two most famous ones- Malaikottai and Sri Rangam, little do many know about the Erumbeeswarar temple in the Trichy-Tanjore highway. It is a small temple located on a rock, whose architecture is very similar to that of the one in Tanjore. It was also constructed before several hundred years .

 Erumbeeswarar temple and Azeez Biriyani were our regular outing destinations apart from Sea Kings in BHEL Township. While my friends are inside (inside meaning, really inside, I dont know what it is called) the temple to perform their rituals, I used stand near the compound wall, enjoying every minute of the cool breeze sent down as a blessing from the Almighty. The views of the nearby country side in the evening and the lights of the city when it gets dark are one of the several beautiful memories that I carry with me from my Trichy days.

I used to like the smell of camphor and jasmine flowers planted on the lawns of the temple. I just realised that I don’t have any picture taken there and searched for it in the net. And I found a beautiful collection of pictures in flickr, enjoy!!


Children’s day and some nostalgia…

November 13, 2008

What are the most common things that one would associate with Children’s day? A rose, Nehru mama, some sweets and apparently fancy dress competitions.

I remember the first such a day in  my life. I was dressed up well and asked to recite the five Kalimas on the stage. I recited Avval Kalima well and forgot the next one. I started weeping and came down from the stage.  I think that was also the last time I participated in a fancy dress competition. From then on, I only used to be a spectator for all that goes on the children’s day.

When I was in my eleventh standard, we heard the news that we will be having Tamil dramatics for the competitions. My enthu brains started working and we soon formed a team to come up with a play. I, along with my team members wrote a play called ‘Paappanayakkanpatti to Bombay’  which was a huge success. The story starts in a village and the girl’s sister will gift her a nice, fluorescent color salwar for her birthday. I heard the thunderous sound of applause the moment the salwar was picked out of the bag. That was the time when the movie Alaipayuthe was released and we had that ‘Sakthi nee romba alaga irukae’ scene in the play.

That was the success which made me write several street plays in college, which even took us to the heights of winning the first place in Saarang ’05.

Hmmm.. I wish I could get to feel the same adrenaline rush that I used to experience minutes before entering the stage.

When mysteries unfold..

November 8, 2008

I am talking about the recent Malegoan blast probes and the involvement of BJP/RSS/Bajrang Dal or any ‘Saffron’ outfits in it. While it is common to immediately point fingers at or create new Arabic/Urdu sounding organizations when a blast occurs  even in a mosque, this time it has been a little different. One after the other, the ones who are possibly responsible for it are coming into the limelight and the most sickening thing is the involvement of the Indian Army in it. What a shame! The Sadhvi denies that she sold her bike long time back. Don’t we all remember that Godse had tattooed himself as ‘Ismail’ when he killed Gandhi?

I am sure these findings are not going to make any big difference in our lives. The BJP may win in the next elections, like how Modi won even after the atrocities committed by his order was known to the public. But somewhere in the corner of my heart I am a little glad that people might stop thinking in the same lines that any terrorist could only be a Muslim as it is normally portrayed.

By the way, I am also equally upset to see some magazines carrying sensational articles titled ‘Hindu Terrorists/theeviravadhi/bayangaravadhi’. I stand by my words again. These beasts are to be called only by their names or by their outfits and never by their religion.

May Allah, the Almighty, the Exalted save us all from these cannibals!

My school

October 24, 2008

These days it is common to see many talking about the activities of Christian Missionaries. Anything forced on anyone is wrong and it applies to conversions too. By force it also means making one think the way they want them to think (I’ve been repeatedly talking about this).

I am of a very strong opinion that one cannot embrace a faith without actually knowing what it is,  however, there are many conversions that happen on a mass scale for one main reason: to come out of the third class citizen status conferred upon them by the caste system. Many  missionaries bring schools and hospitals along with them, and the poor, uneducated convert out of gratitude. The converting process or the ‘brainwashing’ activity, as it is popularly called is especially easier with the poor, uneducated and underpriveleged people. I remember seeing a family living in the pavements of Gaudia Mutt Road in Chennai keeping the photo of MGR decorated on his birthday last year.

I was so far of the opinion that this kind of experiment is common only with the poor people and I was quite surprised when I learnt that this is done massively in schools, especially after reading a post on this topic. I thought of sharing some of my experiences relating to this.

I studied in Crescent, Chennai which is run by Muslims and offers Islamic studies as a part of the curriculum. More than 90% of the students belong to the same religion, so we used to have Islamic Studies classes at least thrice a week. Arabic was offered as one of the second languages apart from Tamil, Hindi and French. The day starts by reciting the first chapter of the Quran (Surah Al Fatihah) and its translation. Our uniform was a full-sleeved salwar with a scarf that would leave only the face and hands uncovered. Even the teachers wear Hijaab and we used to have speeches and seminars organized on Islam regularly. The call for prayer or Adhaan will be recited every day at noon and the prayer is conducted at congregation. There used to be Islamic charts and models displayed in the corridor along with the other subjects.

Well, if you are wondering what happens to the remaining 10% and the non Muslim teaching staffs, you will find the answers in the following lines. Attending the assembly is compulsory but the non Muslim students need not repeat the prayers with us. They have a Moral Science class (by God, there was no direct or indirect preaching there) whose texts will have Panchatantra stories and the like. Students in the higher classes will usually have a free hour that time. Headscarf is not a part of their uniform but they have to wear a dupatta with the Salwar. While offering the afternoon prayers is compulsory  in the last 15 minutes of the lunch hour, they have their free time then.

In our regular Islamic classes, not once we heard anything ill about other religions. Though it didn’t seem to be of something to be proud about that time, I now feel how well my school is been dealing with this delicate issue. Many schools have a lot to learn from us!! 🙂